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Is your organization interested in working with highly motivated and qualified MBA students? If so, you are at the right place.

We are always looking to build new relationships with organizations that are open to / seeking to receive quality-consulting services from motivated and experienced MBA students. If you have short-term plans to launch special projects or to add accomplished employees for your organization, our MBA students can help!

Here are some opportunities for employers to have access to Telfer MBA talent by offering services and programs that facilitate the employer’s recruitment process.

Career Centre

Our Career Centre offers a great variety of opportunities for employers to fulfill their recruitment needs.  From posting a job to on-campus interview, networking events, company information sessions, webinars and more. Learn more about our Career Centre services and programs for employers.

MBA Management Consulting Project (MCP)

Our MBA Management Consulting Project is an opportunity for your organizations to receive quality-consulting services from motivated, highly qualified and experienced MBA students. Find out more about our MBA Management Consulting Project.

MBA Internship

Our MBA Internship is an opportunity for organizations to get novel perspectives, fresh ideas and high quality work from skilled and passionate MBA students. Learn more about our MBA Internship.

Beyond the scope of a specific project, if you are looking for new talent, the MBA Management Consulting Project or the internship are your chance to find qualified individuals and evaluate their potential fit within your workplace without the lengthy traditional hiring process

Mentor Students on Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees is a networking and mentoring platform. Get matched with students and other alumni to enable opportunities to connect based on your career goals. Whether you’re looking to receive or to give insightful advice, industry-specific knowledge, or tips on navigating the current job market, the uOttawa Hub powered by Ten Thousand Coffees can help.

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