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Online Enrolment (uoZone)

Our MBA program has different start and end dates and deadlines than most programs at the University. Be sure to go to visit the Important Dates and the Telfer Timetables webpage for dates such as the starting dates, end of the blocks, date of the exam periods, and deadlines to register, to add or to modify your enrolment.

uoZone does not permit you to change your classification (full-time/part-time), drop individual core courses or register to a course that normally requires approval (such as a directed reading or from another faculty).

Enrolment or modifications to the selection of courses may be made only up to the closing date published in the Important Dates section.

Students who want to take courses outside of or in addition to their program cannot register online and should contact the Telfer Graduate Office.

Special students cannot register online. They must report to the Telfer Graduate Office, print and complete an enrolment form and obtain the unit’s approval. Special students must pay their fees by the deadline, either in person at InfoService, by mail, or at most Canadian financial institutions.

Students with conditions, such as outstanding financial payment, will not be able to register online until the condition has been satisfied.

Program Regulations

Grades Posting

See the Important Dates section for the date the final grades are to be posted and available to be consulted via uoZone.

Course syllabi will be posted on Virtual Campus 2 -3 weeks prior to the starting date of the courses. Students must be registered to the course in order to have access. Professors will also be using Virtual Campus to post class notes and other material.

Class attendance and participation

You are expected to be punctual, attend all classes, and actively participate in class and group discussions. Absence due to illness, serious personal matters, or unavoidable work-related commitments should be reported to the professor ahead of time. If, in the opinion of the professor, the missed class is considered problematic to the student's learning, the Director of the program will be informed and appropriate measures taken. Students who miss more than 20% of a course may be asked to withdraw.

Class and group participation are essential to the learning experience. Individual participation in class might be graded and peer evaluations will be conducted on a regular basis as part of the overall program requirements. The grades of any student who consistently receives poor peer evaluations will be modified accordingly.


Preliminary exam schedules will be posted early in each term giving students plenty of time to plan accordingly. The final schedules will be updated once the syllabi are posted. Not all courses have mid-term or final exams. You must make the necessary arrangements to attend the mid-term and final exams on the scheduled dates.

Deferred Exams

Requests to defer an exam must be submitted to the Graduate Office at least 2 weeks before the scheduled exam. Students may only request a deferral on the following grounds: exams conflict, illness, death in the family, unavoidable work-related commitment, and official religious holiday. Supporting documents will be required. Trips, unless they are work-related, and other personal commitments do not constitute valid reasons to defer an exam. Since the exam schedule is known well in advance, it is expected that the exams take precedence over personal trips and commitments. No exception will be permitted. Should a deferral be granted, the exam will be rescheduled after the regular exam. 

Adapted Exams

Access Service provides adapted evaluations including midterms and final exams to students who are registered with Access Service. Please visit the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) - Exam Services for more information. 

General Regulations

For more information regarding the general regulations pertaining to graduate studies, please visit: Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies General Regulations.

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