Useful Information

Management studies involve a significant amount of communication related activities; from business report writing to formal oral presentations. To support in these activities and provide international students with the best tools to succeed, the Telfer School of Management has put in place a series of measures to help international students deal with the added difficulty of studying in a foreign language.

At the beginning of their program, international students may be required to complete a language proficiency test designed by the University of Ottawa’s Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI).  The test will assess and measure relevant aspects of English proficiency needed to succeed at the BCom level. Depending on the proficiency test score, students will be required to take English as a Second Language (ESL) courses designed by OLBI to accompany management courses.  These accompanying courses will be used as out-of-faculty electives, namely two ESL courses in the fall of year 1 (one to accompany ADM1300 – Introduction to Business and a stand-alone course), and a third ESL in year 2 to accompany ADM2381 – Business Communication Skills.

The students required to write this proficiency test must complete it after they have been admitted to the Telfer School. This test is not part of their admission requirements but it is used to evaluate their language proficiency to allow them to register for ESL courses if needed. These ESL courses will not prolong their program or add extra units (apart from the Specialization in Accounting). The BCom program requires students to take four (4) Out of Faculty elective courses. These students will simply take three (3) ESL courses amongst their four (4) out-of-faculty electives. The BCom course sequence with ESL courses is described here.

These modifications are in line with the University’s 2020 Vision to enhance the international student experience. Given that the University wishes to increase the international student population, we must assist these students with their unique needs to ensure that they will succeed at the University of Ottawa.