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Message from the Vice-Dean Research

Research that connects us

Shantanu Dutta Research has the power to connect us. To mark the last year of my term as Vice-Dean, Research at the Telfer School of Management, I would like to emphasize how proud I am to be part of the Telfer research community: an interdisciplinary group of researchers and graduate students working with academics, organizations and leaders to create more inclusive workplaces, transform our healthcare system, implement more sustainable practices, and support economic growth.

Our annual research report is an opportunity to congratulate our research community for their achievements. Over the last year, Telfer researchers received 16 prestigious grants awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and Canadian Institutes of Health Research. These new research projects will provide insight to help a variety of organizations respond to our most pressing challenges.

In one of these projects, Professor Tyler Chamberlin joined forces with the Inclusive Innovation Hub with the goal of increasing inclusive innovation across all sectors, thanks to a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant. Another impactful project led by Professor Ana María Peredo, Canada Research Chair in Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship, aims to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge systems. Recipient of a SSHRC Connection grant, Professor Peredo’s project will enhance Indigenous research and research training for management and organizational behaviour scholars. Both projects exemplify Telfer’s commitment to value diverse ideas and to increase inclusion in innovation and entrepreneurship.

I am also very excited to announce that Christopher Sun, who recently joined our Telfer research community, has been awarded a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Data Analytics for Health Systems Transformation. His research in optimization and artificial intelligence will support the creation of tools and models to help healthcare researchers, policy makers, and administrators make decisions that will improve healthcare in Canada as well as globally.

Last year also saw the launch of the Learning Health Systems Modeling Laboratory. Co-led by professors Lysanne Lessard and Antoine Sauré, this interdisciplinary group of health researchers, trainees, and healthcare leaders works to address the main challenges of our healthcare system, identify valuable insights, and develop new tools to help health organizations improve processes, service delivery, and access to care.

Our graduate students are similarly training to work collaboratively and explore innovative ways to build a happier, healthier, greener, and wealthier future for Canada. Our research programs continue to grow, now offering seven concentrations in our MSc in Management. Last year, we introduced two project-based options for students interested in gaining research experience that can be applied in the workplace, welcoming 19 new students into both programs. I look forward to hearing about their future contributions as they graduate and enter the workforce.

I am proud of the success of Telfer’s research community, from partnerships and publications to research and student training. We are all grateful for the support of several teams working behind the scenes, one of which is our hard-working Research Office team. I would like to thank Rania Nasrallah, Kathy Cunningham, Zoï Coucopoulos, and Cynthia Tang, who provided remarkable services to our research community over the last year.

It was a pleasure working with and for a research community that is committed to Telfer’s vision for a better Canada. I am delighted to welcome Professor Silvia Bonaccio as the new Vice-Dean Research. Telfer’s research community can only flourish under the outstanding leadership of such an amazing researcher. I wish her all the best in this new journey!


Shantanu Dutta
Vice-Dean (Research), Full Professor in Finance, and Telfer Fellow in Global Finance
Research that
connects us

Telfer’s research community has created an inclusive research culture, where collaboration across disciplines leads to rich, innovative results. Our momentum propels us forward and equips our students with the skills and knowledge to lead Canada toward a greener, healthier, happier, and wealthier future.


Success in Numbers

We are proud of the successes of our research community, receiving nearly $3,000,000 in research funding over the last year and publishing over 120 papers.

Research Funding Received, 2022—2023*



Research Funding Received, 2019–2020 to 2022–2023*


*Refers to research contracts and grants awarded as operating funds in competitions from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023. Funding for salaries, travel, conferences and workshops has been excluded, as well as renunciation accounts (555 and 556). Source: SpagoBI, August 2023. 
**Government funding other than the tri-agencies 

Number of Publications by Faculty Members in Peer-reviewed Journals, 2019–2020 to 2022–2023*


* Based on the overall number of papers (not per author) published from July 1,2019 to June 30, 2023. Each paper has been counted only once.

Award Winning Research

Telfer researchers are developing the knowledge and tools needed to build a better Canada. In 2022–2023, we celebrate our continued high rate of success for the numerous funding applications that were submitted, with 12 grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), including a prestigious Partnership Development grant; four grants from the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada; and one Tier 2 Canada Research Chair.

Additionally, the Telfer research office congratulates the seven recipients of the School of Management Research Grants (SMRG), as well as the recipients of our emerging and established researcher awards.

External Funding

Internal Funding & Awards

Graduate Student

Telfer celebrates the accomplishments of our graduate students, all of whom are valuable contributors to research that connects us, receiving numerous scholarships and awards.


Canada Graduate Scholarship – CIHR

  • Hannah Wotherspoon (MSc)

Canada Graduate Scholarship – SSHRC

  • Meggie Gilmour (MSc)

Ontario Graduate Scholarships·     

  • Ri-Hua (Sunny) Xie (MSc) 
  • Abdelmalik Aljalai (MSc) 
  • Kayleigh Jeanveau (MSc) 
  • Lea Dugal (PhD)
  • Catherine Kadamani (MSc)
  • Matin Najar Ashtiani (DTI, PhD)

Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology

  • Ali Mahdi (PhD)
  • Daniel Quintal-Curcic (PhD)
  • Valentina Primossi (DTI, PhD)
  • Tin Pham (DTI, PhD)
  • Kimberley Nault (DTI, PhD)

Telfer School of Management Research Awards

PhD Engagement Award

  • Amirhossein Moosavi (PhD)
  • Daniel Quintal-Curcic (PhD)

John Duncan and Deb Cross Award

  • Mikaila Ortynsky (PhD)

Daniel Zeghal Award

  • Mary Valdes (PhD)

Francois Julien Doctoral Award

  • Niki Khorasanizadeh (PhD)

On March 10, 2023, students participated in the Graduate Research Programs Thesis Competition and impressed us with a morning of captivating presentations. The competition was fierce, but three students ranked among the top three presenters and received cash prizes:

Oral Thesis Competition

  • 1st: Mikaila Ortynsky (PhD)
  • 2nd: Brynn O’Dwyer (MSc)
  • 3rd: Marc A. Albert (MSc) 

Poster Thesis Competition

  • 1st: Mariam Magdy Hussein (PhD)
  • 2nd (tie): Daniel Quintal-Curcic (PhD) and Amirhossein Moosavi (PhD)

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 graduates of the Telfer PhD in Management:

  • Caroline Chamberland-Rowe
    Health Systems, under the supervision of Ivy Bourgeault
  • Alexander Chung
    Health Systems, under the supervision of Pavel Andreev  and Lysanne Lessard
  • Boushra El-Haj Hassan
    Finance, under the supervision of Shantanu Dutta
  • Afshin Kamyabniya
    Health systems, under the supervision of Jonathan Patrick and Antoine Sauré
  • Nicolas Legendre
    Finance, under the supervision of Miwako Nitani and François-Éric Racicot
  • Yanhong Li
    OBHR, under the supervision of Laurent Lapierre
  • Hong Qiu
    Entrepreneurship, under the supervision of Mark Freel and Samia Chreim
  • Marwa Soliman
    Accounting, under the supervision of Walid Ben Amar


Sharing knowledge helps connect researchers with a broader audience, allowing our research community to reach diverse stakeholders, decision makers, and organizations to create real impact. Telfers researchers organized several academic and outreach events to share their insights, exchange ideas with business leaders, policy makers and community partners, and to gain new perspectives for their own work.

Public Events


Translating AI into Practice in Healthcare – Looking Beyond the Algorithm

Speaker: David L. Buckeridge, MD PhD FRCPC, Professor in the School of Population and Global Health and Chief Digital Health Officer, McGill University

Presented by the Telfer Health Transformation Exchange


Future health care: How might the system be better for all Canadians?

Speakers: Lysanne Lessard, co-lead of the Learning Health Systems Modeling Laboratory at the Telfer School of Management; Dr. Naheed Dosani, palliative care physician with the department of family and community medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital at Unity Health Toronto; Sonia Kumar-Seguin, CEO of Body Brave; Cameron Love, president and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital

Presented by The Globe and Mail and Telfer School of Management


Intersection of Value-based Care and Precision Medicine: Opportunities for a Learning Health System for Cancer Care

Speaker: Dr. Howard L. McLeod, FASCO, FCCP, Executive Director, Precision Health, Intermountain Health System, Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine

Presented by the Telfer Health Transformation Exchange


Building the foundations for connected, agile and patient-centered care

Speaker: Dr. Jean-François Éthier, Scientific Co-director of the Interdisciplinary Research Group in Health Informatics (GRIIS), Attending Physician, Internal Medicine Department, Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS), Lead for the technological development of the Health Data Research Network

Presented by the Telfer Health Transformation Exchange and the Learning Health Systems Modeling Laboratory


Using Management Research for a Better Canada (and World)

Speaker: Herman Aguinis, Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar at the George Washington University School of Business and immediate past president of the Academy of Management (AOM)

Presented by the Thriving Organizations Research Collective

Academic Events

CPA-Accounting and Governance Research Centre Seminars

The CPA-Accounting and Governance Research Centre organized six virtual seminars with professors from the University of Texas, Ulster University, University of Waterloo, University of Calgary and University of Toronto.

Telfer Research Seminar Series

The Telfer Research Seminar Series (TRSS) brings together diverse members of the business and research communities from around the world to engage our students and professors in discussions and presentations on key issues. In 2022-2023, Telfer hosted 23 seminars, with professors from Texas Christian University, Indiana University, the University Health Network/Centre for Digital Therapeutics, Loyola Marymount University, University of Toronto, University of Limerick, University of Oxford, Syracuse University, Columbia Business School, York University, Bucknell University, University of Texas at San Antonio, Tel Aviv University, University of Memphis, Cornell University, Villanova University, University of Alberta, Ohio University.


Perspectives on inflation and recession risks

Speaker: The honourable Clement Gignac, Senator


Telfer Conference on Corporate Finance and Banking


Conference of Research in Entrepreneurship, Education and Technology (CREET)

Sharing Knowledge

Members of our research community share their expertise with a broad audience, and in doing so contribute to the advancement of research and public education.

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