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Professors at the Telfer School recently made a number of outstanding contributions to diverse fields such as organizational behaviour, business history, health systems and quantitative finance. Here are some highlights of these scholarly contributions published over the last two months.

  • Réal Labelle, Taïeb Hafsi, and Claude Francoeur of HEC and Walid Ben Amar, Telfer School contribute new insights on the connection between ownership and corporate structure with their study of family firms’ engagement in corporate social responsibility (CSP). The authors compare family firms’ CSP to that of non-family firms and examine two potential contributing factors: level of family control and the governance orientation of the country in which the firm operates. The full study is available on website of the Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Qiu Chen published a study in Contemporary Accounting Research on director monitoring of expense misreporting in nonprofit organizations; specifically the effects of expense disclosure transparency, donor evaluation focus and organization performance. This research was recently featured in the most recent edition of uOttawa Experts.
  • Craig Kuziemsky guest edited a special themed issue of the Journal of Professional Care, on interprofessional informatics, with Connie Delaney and Barbara Brandt, University of Minnesota. In their lead-in editorial the authors discuss the need for integration between informatics and interprofessional practice and interprofessional education (IPP/IPE) to drive healthcare transformation. Professor Kuziemsky’s NSERC-funded research focuses on developing a novel methodological approach for integrating the diverse information flows and work processes of collaborative healthcare teams.
  • Laurent Lapierre published a study in the Journal of Organizational Behaviour, with colleagues from Utrecht University, “Juggling work and family responsibilities when involuntarily working more from home: A multiwave study of financial sales professionals.” The study is available on the journal’s website, at this link: In other news, Professor Lapierre was also recently appointed as one of the Associate Editors of the Journal of Business and Psychology.
  • Tiemei Li of the Telfer School coauthored an article in the LSE Business Reviewpublished by the London School of Economics and Political Science. The article asks “Are firms with offshore headquarters worth more?” No, write Art Durnev (University of Iowa), professor Tiemei Li and Michel Magnan (Concordia); but onshore firms are valued higher if they have offshore subsidiaries. The article was based on their findings published in the Journal of Corporate Finance
  • A team of five professors – 3 from Telfer – published a study in the journal Business History on family business development in mainland China from 1872 to 1949. The analysis by Cheryl S. McWattersQiu Chen and Shujun Ding of Telfer, Wenxuan Hou, University of Edinburgh and Zhenyu Wu, University of Winnipeg, drew on perspectives from recent research on Chinese history, business development, and social change, both in English and in Chinese. More information is available at this link.
  • Finally, congratulations to professors François-Éric Racicot of Telfer and Raymond Théoret of UQAM, who published a study in the Journal of Banking and Finance, a leading journalIn their study “Macroeconomic shocks, forward-looking dynamics, and the behavior of hedge funds,” the team investigated how hedge funds’ strategies react, as a group, to macroeconomic risk and uncertainty. More information about this study is available online

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