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Dean's Annual Review 2019-2020

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A better Canada is unachievable without happy Canadians. The constant busy lifestyles that many Canadians lead consist of commitments to family, self, work, friends, and more, sometimes leading to us losing site as to what we are working so hard for. The struggle to balance all these aspects can sometimes result in something being pushed to the side or not receiving as much of our attention, which can lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm. The result - Canadians are not living happy lives. 

We need our workplaces and economy to support our happiness, by supporting our efforts towards work-life balance and by placing emphasis on employee satisfaction. Happy people are more productive and engaged, have better health outcomes, and are more likely to contribute to their communities.  

This year, we have been working towards encouraging workplaces to adopt practices that help employees avoid burnout and feel meaning in their work through a variety of research projects and virtual networking events. Our students and staff have shared their advice and tips for managing a semester’s workload from home, switching their professional development and networking strategies to online, and balancing life’s various academic, extra-curricular, and social commitments as a student. 

At Telfer, we are committed to ensure that Canada runs on Canadians who are enjoying life. The Telfer Thriving Organizations and Societies Lab will be looking at happiness through a lens that allows us to understand and organize variables that indicate happiness in the context of Canadian work life, bringing a new level of objectivity and analysis to wellbeing. Telfer Nation is doing its part to foster a happier, more fulfilled society and in turn witness a happier Canada. 


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