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Dean's Annual Review 2019-2020

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A strong healthcare system can be the difference between an industry leader and just another system. To become a global leader in health, treatment needs to be accessible, resources need to be allocated efficiently, and capital needs to be managed effectively. It is up to health systems management teams to lead by example and to provide value to Canadians by doing as much as possible for as many individuals as possible. 

At Telfer, we are rethinking our approach to healthcare from a systems perspective. Telfer alumni are well-positioned leaders in healthcare who are bringing their academic expertise into data analysis, strategic planning, policy, leadership, and teamwork to improve these systems. Our students in CASCO have contributed to the CHEO Hospital for over 20 years, this year raising over $62,000 to ensure the kids in the hospital receive all the equipment and care that they need. 

When COVID-19 hit, several businesses led by members of the Telfer community immediately stepped up to support their communities. They supported healthcare workers by bringing gifts and food right to them, kept seniors connected to their families and gave them plenty to do with a multitude of activities during quarantine, and provided countless meal kits to underserved communities. 

To continue these missions of reshaping healthcare systems and supporting the health of our communities, the Telfer Health Systems Transformation Hub will generate useful ideas to foster a healthier Canada. The hub will analyze data and develop leading edge research-based insights to inform our health leaders about how to best allocate money within the system and enable them to make better choices with customized tools. Let’s create a generation of healthier Canadians together by lowering the rates of poor healthcare and replacing inefficient processes to ensure a better Canada for all. 


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