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Dean's Annual Review 2019-2020

wealthier Wealthier

Money brings ideas to life. We believe the world stands to benefit from more Canadian ideas being brought to life. We need money to get activated. We need it to work harder and generate more businesses, more leaders, and more innovations. We need it to work for Canada.

From the Telfer Financial Research and Learning Lab to student clubs like the Telfer Entrepreneurs’ Club and Enactus, our students are building a strong foundation in capital markets, financial management entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses into challenging financial situations, and many Telfer alumni-run groups and organizations did what they could to promote and support local businesses, and to raise money for COVID-19 relief, all during a trying economic time. A number of Telfer faculty and industry experts came together online to share advice and insights on compensation strategies, gender diversity, performance management, investment, trading, commodity markets, government funding and more.

The Telfer Family Enterprise Legacy Institute will help wealth grow to its full potential. By informing, facilitating, and supporting both family enterprises and entrepreneurs, we create an economic landscape that better cultivates Canadian businesses. At Telfer, we will be working to build the foundation for a new era of bigger and bolder Canadian investment, ultimately creating a dynamic Canadian economy and a wealthier Canada.


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