Telfer Double-Degree Students Toulouse Business School (TBS)

School Description

Offering cutting-edge business education to over 5,000 students and 2,000 trainees in Executive Education, Toulouse Business School is dedicated to providing its students with the analytical skills, professional network and agility needed to adapt, innovate, and anticipate change in their future working environments. TBS is also amongst the prestigious 1% of business schools with the “triple crown” of international accreditations: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

Two campuses welcome our double-degree exchange students: Toulouse and Barcelona.

Program Structure

program Structure
Year Progress
1st and 2nd years

Telfer: Common core courses (60 units)

3rd year*

TBS: Choose 1 professional path and 1 function competence** (60 ECTS***)

Summer 3rd year Country of Choice: Mandatory Internship (4 months)
4th year Telfer: 4th-year courses (30 units)
Diplomas TBS Bachelor in Management & University of Ottawa Honours Bachelor of Commerce

* Typically, students will be exempted from the following courses at Telfer for their exchange year with TBS: ADM electives, out of faculty electives, and PHI 2397. The exempted course may vary depending on the student’s course sequence.

** During their exchange, students need to select a professional path and a function competence in order to develop their knowledge in a specific business sector and/or to gain a particular expertise in the field. Examples of professional paths include: Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, and Fashion and Luxury Management. Examples of function competences include: Business Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources Management. The campus will be determined based on the professional path chosen by the student.

*** Academic units granted in accordance with the European Credit Transfer Scale.