Telfer Double-Degree Students Egypt University of Informatics (EUI)

(for EUI students, additional information can be found here)

The Telfer School of Management was pleased to announce a double degree program with the Egypt University of Informatics (EUI) in January 2023.  The partnership allows selected EUI students the opportunity to take courses from the Telfer School of Management both online and in-person with the end goal being a degree from both institutions.

The degree the EUI students will receive from the Telfer School of Management is an Honours Bachelor of Commerce.  We believe strongly the EUI students will benefit from a degree from our internationally recognized and highly ranked institution just as we will gain from their international perspective and expertise.

Application process

  • Express interest to participate to EUI.
  • Complete application form (note this link will send you to the Ontario Universities Application Centre)

Admission requirements

  • Maintain a minimum of 75% equivalent academic average at the time of application;
  • Proof of Language requirements (see language requirements here)
  • No academic disciplinary measures

Program requirements

  • In order to obtain the Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree, students must complete 50% of their courses at the university of Ottawa.
  • While students are at EUI and studying in Egypt, they have the opportunity to undertake 10 online courses across their 2nd and 3rd year of studies.
  • The student’s last year of studies will be completed in Ottawa.  The student can focus on one of the following areas of study here at the Telfer School of Management: Business Technology Management, Marketing, or Finance.

Proposed Course sequence

Faculty of Business Informatics

Years 1, 2, and 3 of the Business Informatics degree Course sequence—Valid as of June 2022

program Structure
Semester 1 (6 courses at EUI) Semester 2 (5 courses at EUI)
BMA101 : Mathematical Methods I

BMA102 : Mathematical Methods II

BAC161: Financial Accounting

BEI112: Introduction to Management & Organization

BEI112: Introduction to Management & Organization BEC102: Introductory Macroeconomics
BEC101: Introductory Microeconomics BFT231 Financial Management
BFT231 Financial Management HUM104: Academic Writing
HUM 108: Business English  
Semester 3 (3 courses at EUI + 3 Telfer online courses) Semester 4 (3 courses at EUI + 2 Telfer online courses)
BEI211 : Business Law BSC101: Programming in Python I
BBT231 : Business Information Technology BOS201: Operations & Supply Chain Management
BBT201: Applications of Information Technology in Business BEI213 : Business Ethics
Semester 5 (3 courses at EUI + 3 Telfer online courses) BTM Semester 6 (3 courses at EUI + 2 Telfer online courses) BTM
BEI311: Business Communication BBT331: Analysis of Enterprise Systems & Architecture
BDM321: Programming in Python II BBT333: Analysis & Modeling of Business Processes & Systems
BBT332: Database Modeling & Design BBT334: Information Security
Semester 5 (3 courses at EUI + 2 Telfer online courses) Marketing Semester 6 (3 courses at EUI + 2 Telfer online courses) Marketing
BEI311: Business Communication BDM322: Digital Marketing
BDM321: Marketing Research BEI316: Business Planning and Pitching
Major Elective BDM323: Buyer Behavior
Semester 5 (3 courses at EUI + 2 Telfer online courses) Finance Semester 6 at EUI (3 courses + 2 Telfer online courses) Finance
BEI311: Business Communication BFT351: Corporate Finance
BFT352: Financial Modelling BFT353: Financial Markets & Institutions
BAC362: Intermediate Accounting 1 BFT354: Bank Management

University of Ottawa Telfer BCom

Equivalencies granted to Faculty of Business Informatics students following the above course sequence for Year 1 and 2 at EUI

Phase II

EUI Courses for first three years including completing 10 online courses (30 credits) from the following BCom Honours (Telfer School of Management) ‘common core’ courses.

  • ADM 1300 Introduction to Business Management
  • ADM1301 Social Context for Business
  • ADM 1305 Mathematics for Business
  • ADM1340 Financial Accounting
  • ADM1370 Information Systems Tools for Business
  • ADM 2302 Business Decision Models
  • ADM2303 Statistics for Management
  • ADM2304 Applications of Statistics
  • ADM2320 Marketing
  • ADM2336 Organizational Behaviour
  • ADM2337 Human Resource Management
  • ADM2341 Managerial Accounting
  • ADM2350 Financial Management
  • ADM 2372 Management Information Systems
  • ADM3301 Operations Management
  • ADM 3318 International Business

Transfer credits given to EUI students (20 courses, 60 credits):

  • ECO1102 Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • ECO1104 Introduction to Microeconomics
  • ENG1131 Effective Business English
  • ADM 2381 Business Communication Skills 5 out of faculty electives
    •  5 ADM or Out of Faculty electives
    • 6 core courses not taken online/ remotely from above list in ‘common core’ section

Courses to be taken at the University of Ottawa (Telfer School of Management) - 4th year of program

Additional Required Courses for all students:
Additional Required Courses for all students:
Required Courses Semester
ADM 4311 Strategic Management Fall
Three ADM elective courses Fall/Winter
Option specific course requirements:
BTM option
Business Technology Management (6 courses, 18 credits) Semester
ADM 3308 Business Data Mining Fall
ADM 3378 Emerging Topics in MIS Winter
ADM 3379 Systems Analysis, Development and Performance Winter
ADM 4377 Digital Enterprise Systems and Strategies Fall/ Winter
2 courses of:
  • ADM 3305 Business Simulation Analytics
  • ADM 4307 Business Forecasting Analytics,
  • ADM 4378 Business Communication Networks,
  • ADM 4379 Management and Implementation of Web Technologies in Organizations
Fall/ Winter                        
Marketing option
Marketing (6 courses) Semester
ADM 3321 Consumer Behavior Fall
ADM 3322 Services Marketing Fall
ADM 3323 Market Research Fall
ADM 3326 Advertising and Sales Promotion Management Fall
ADM 4322 Marketing Strategy Winter
ADM 4325 Planning Promotion Practicum Winter               
Finance option
Finance (6 courses) Semester
ADM 2352 Finance Theory Fall                            
ADM 3350 Corporate Finance Winter
ADM 4350 Equity Valuation Winter
ADM 4355 Finance, Ethics, and Social Responsibility Fall/ Winter
2 courses of:
  • ADM 3351 Fixed Income Investments, 
  • ADM 3352 Portfolio Management
  • ADM 3354 Financial Modelling,
  • ADM 3355 Fintech,
  • ADM 4351 Options and Futures,
  • ADM 4352 Advanced Corporate Finance, 
  • ADM 4354 International Financial Management, 
  • ADM 4356 Alternative Investments,
  • ADM 4358 Mergers and Acquisitions
Fall/ Winter