Telfer Double-Degree Students EDHEC Business School

School Description

EDHEC Business School has over 6,200 full-time students enrolled, and is offering highly competitive business degrees at undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels on  its two main campuses : Lille and Nice. Since its creation in 1988, EDHEC’s International BBA pursues its mission to train young aspiring managers.

  • Lille Campus : Located in the Lille metropolis, this campus has been designed to meet the highest international standards, to respect the environment, and to provide students with superior pedagogical, sporting, cultural and accommodation facilities.
  • Nice Campus : Located in an elegant and modern complex overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this campus is also in the vicinity of the Nice-Côte-d’Azur International Airport.

Program Structure

program Structure
Year Progress
1st and 2nd years Telfer: Common core courses (60 units)
3rd year*

EDHEC: Choose 1 minor : Finance or Marketing (60 ECTS**)

Summer 2nd or 3rd year*** Country of Choice: Mandatory Internship (4 months)
4th year Telfer: 4th year courses + Bachelor Thesis (30 units)****
Diplomas EDHEC’s International BBA & University of Ottawa Honours Bachelor of Commerce

* Please note that this program is only only open to Finance and Marketing students. Please find the prerequisites of the program on the following page. Typically, students will be exempted from the following courses at Telfer for their exchange year with EDHEC: ADM electives, out of faculty electives, and PHI 2397. The exempted course may vary depending on the student’s course sequence. At EDHEC, courses are taught in English only.

** Academic units granted in accordance with the European Credit Transfer Scale.

*** The internship can be done over the summer after the second, third or fourth year, with an internship report and validation by Telfer and EDHEC. However, we strongly advise students to do their internship after their second or third year.

**** The Bachelor thesis needs to be completed at Telfer, but validated by EDHEC

Telfer Double-Degree Prerequisites ( in English OR in French)

  • ADM1300 Introduction to Business Management
  • ADM1301 Social Context for Business
  • ADM1340 Financial Accounting
  • ADM1370 Information Systems Tools for Business
  • ECO1102 Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • ECO1104 Introduction to Microeconomics
  • ENG1131Effective Business English
  • MAT1300 Mathematical Methods I
  • MAT1302 Mathematical Methods II
  • PHI1101 Reasoning and Critical Thinking
  • ADM2302 Business Decision Models
  • ADM2303 Statistics for Management
  • ADM2304 Applications of Statistics
  • ADM2320 Marketing
  • ADM2336 Organizational Behaviour
  • ADM2337 Human Resource Management
  • ADM2341 Managerial Accounting
  • ADM2350 Financial Management
  • ADM2372 Human Information Systems
  • ADM2381 Business Communication Skills

  • ADM1700 Introduction à la gestion des affaires
  • ADM1701 Le contexte social du monde des affaires
  • ADM1740 Comptabilité financière
  • ADM1770 Applications des technologies de l'information en gestion
  • ECO1502 Introduction à la macroéconomie
  • ECO1504 Introduction à la microéconomie
  • FRA1518 Le français, langue des affaires
  • MAT1700 Méthodes mathématiques I
  • MAT1702 Méthodes mathématiques II
  • PHI1501 Raisonnement et pensée critique
  • ADM2702 Analytique de gestion
  • ADM2703 Les statistiques en gestion
  • ADM2704 Application des méthodes statistiques en gestion
  • ADM2720 Marketing
  • ADM2736 Comportement organisationnel
  • ADM2737 Gestion des ressources humaines
  • ADM2741 Comptabilité de gestion
  • ADM2750 Gestion financière
  • ADM2772 Systèmes d'information de gestion
  • ADM2781 Habiletés de communication d'affaires