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Art and algorithms: Unravelling the influence of AI on creative work

A hand reaching out to touch the finger of an animated hand, representing AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to influence industries and disrupt norms. One of the areas where the evolution and popularity of AI has had the greatest impact is the art world. This hasn’t only pushed the boundaries of artistic expression but has also prompted a re-evaluation of what constitutes authentic art. 

With this in mind, Telfer professor Myriam Brouard and co-applicant Argiro Kliamenakis were recently awarded an SMRG Research Development Grant for their project, “Algorithmic Aesthetics: Exploring Consumer Reactions to AI-touch in Art.” 

AI and the perception of art 

Brouard’s goal is to understand how varying levels of AI involvement in Myriam Brouard Headshotthe artistic process affect the perception of art and its value and authenticity. The professor will also consider how and if an artist’s input into an AI-generated art piece can make it feel more authentic in the eyes of consumers. She’ll examine AI’s role in creating art as well as questions about the nature of art itself. 

Brouard will collect consumer data through surveys on Amazon Mechanical Turk, an online platform which recruits diverse participants.  

Although there are differing perspectives on AI-generated art, it has gained increasing acceptance within the artistic community. Notably, artist Refik Anadol's AI-generated piece Unsupervised was showcased in one of the main galleries of New York City’s Museum of Modern Art in 2022–2023.  

Incorporating AI in art 

This research could help artists better understand how to authentically incorporate AI into their work. Art curators and collectors may also gain insight into how to price and value AI-generated artwork.  

In addition to the practical implications, Brouard’s research could inform the ongoing discourse on the place of AI in art, within the art community and beyond. 

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