Upcoming grant deadlines

*** PLEASE NOTE: In order for the Research Office to provide you with the best support possible for your grant applications, for detailed feedback on grants we strongly encourage you to inform us of your intention to apply as soon as possible and to send us your application at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the grant deadline in order to receive maximum support from Rania Nasrallah. Preparing your application months in advance for major grants is also strongly encouraged, to give you enough time to polish the application and have the strongest chances of success. For admin review of grants, we ask that you inform us of your intention to apply as soon as possible and submit your application to Rania Nasrallah at least 1 or 2 weeks in advance of the agency or RMS deadline, at this point requests will be handled on a first come first serve basis and we cannot guarantee detailed review if the number of applications exceeds our capacity. We also encourage you to seek expert feedback from your colleagues who are more familiar with your research area, in addition to the feedback we provide. Finally, to request letters of support that need to be drafted by the Research Office, or VDR signatures on forms/letters, you are encouraged to reach out to us at least 72 hours in advance, otherwise we cannot guarantee your request can be met on time.

Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines
Deadline Grant Apply
May 15, 2024 uOttawa: Conference/Workshop on Campus Opportunity (CWCO) APPLY
May 22, 2024 SSHRC: Partnership Engage Grant APPLY
June 11, 2024 NSERC: National Science Foundation Global Centres - Call for Proposals: Bioeconomy APPLY
June 14, 2024 NSERC: Alliance Quantum Grants: Advancing the industrial readiness of quantum sensing technologies APPLY
June 15, 2024 uOttawa: SEED Funding Opportunity (SFO) APPLY
June 15, 2024 uOttawa: Bridge Funding Opportunity (BFO) APPLY
June 20, 2024 SSHRC: Connection Grant APPLY
No deadline NSERC: Alliance Grants Apply
No deadline MITACS: Accelerate APPLY
No deadline Telfer School: Student Thesis Research Grant Apply
No deadline Telfer School: Research Event Grant APPLY
No deadline University of Ottawa: Interdisciplinary Research Group Funding Opportunity (IRGFO) - Stream 2 Apply
No deadline Telfer School: 2024 Partnership Support Research Grant Apply
No deadline Telfer School: 2024 Indigenous Research Support Grant APPLY

Research Funding Opportunities

There are several sources of funding available to the researchers at the Telfer School of Management. Funding can be found internally, from Telfer or uOttawa, or externally, from government agencies or partners in private sectors.

Funding opportunities for graduate students can be found here.

Research Management Services - Funding Opportunities Database

Telfer School of Management Research Grants

The purpose of the SMRG program is to support forward-looking research and to increase research intensity at the Telfer School of Management. 

Telfer Grants Application Portal

University of Ottawa Funding Opportunities

Research Management Services

Seed Funding Opportunity

The Seed Funding Opportunity (SFO) supports new researchers at the University of Ottawa.  It can help you generate data, test new ideas, and improve your applications to the Tri- Councils.

Deadlines: January 15, June 15

Bridge Funding Opportunity

The Bridge Funding Opportunity (BFO) provides funding to help established researchers improve an unsuccessful application.   It will help you improve your Tri-Council application by enabling you to address the peer review comments.

Deadlines: January 15, June 15

Conferences / Workshops on Campus

The Conference/Workshop on Campus Opportunity (CWCO) supports researchers in communicating results and sharing knowledge with colleagues from Canada and abroad.  This program favors both exchanges within a discipline or across many.

Deadlines: May 15, August 15, November 15, February 15

Interdisciplinary Research Group Funding Opportunity
Stream 1: Research Team Creation (TRC)

RTC supports uOttawa researchers to recruit people interested in forming a new research team.  These new teams can either be interdisciplinary or interfaculty. This funding also helps researchers elaborate their projects and prepare for external funding competitions.  If needed, researchers awarded through Stream 1 can apply to Stream 2 for more funding. 

Deadlines: February 15

Stream 2: Grant Proposal Development

Stream 2 funds uOttawa researchers leading an established interdisciplinary research team.  The funding enables established research teams to develop their grant proposal for large-scale external funding competitions. A researcher with an established interdisciplinary research team can apply directly to Stream 2 of the IRGFO.

Researchers can apply at any time to the GDP competition.

Emergency Fund for Minor Equipment Repair Program

The Emergency Fund for Minor Equipment Repair Program (EFP) aims to provide support for the unanticipated emergency repairs of research equipment caused by a normal and optimal use. 

Researchers can apply at any time to the EFP program.

Sabbatical Leave or Duly Approved Research Leave

Applications should be submitted three months prior to the start date of the "sabbatical" or "duly approved research leave".

To learn more about these opportunities, please visit the Research Management Services' website.


Office of International Research and Experiential Learning (IREX)

  • Canada-U.S. Fulbright Visiting Research Chairs
  • Visiting Researcher Program
  • France-Canada Research Fund

To learn more about these opportunities, please visit the IREX website.