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Community Partners

Board of Advisors 

The Board of Advisors, consisting of up to 10 standing members from various backgrounds, plays an advisory role in the microprogram. Its main responsibilities are to oversee relevant policies, program design and execution, review reports on fund performance and risk position, and provide advice on all matters for which the Telfer Capital Fund (TCF) and program need guidance. It also appoints the members of the Investment Committee. The Board is not responsible for the financial performance of the TCF. 

Jean Desgagne
Jean Desgagne, BCom ’86 
Corporate Director and Advisor
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Aziz Garuba
Aziz Garuba, BCom ’08 
Director, Business Architecture, RBC Capital Markets
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Jean-Luc Gravel, MBA ’81
Jean-Luc Gravel, MBA ’81 
Corporate Director
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Stephan May
Stephan May, EMBA ’13  
Managing Director, Welch Capital Partners
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Jasmine Meaux
Jasmine Meaux, BCom ’10
Senior Vice President, Oil & Gas Group, Bank of America
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Sheralyn Mills
Sheralyn Mills, MBA ’90
Director, Foreign Exchange Options, BMO
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Fabio Moneta
Fabio Moneta
Chair of the Investment Committee 
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Sarah Riopelle
Sarah Riopelle, BCom ’96
Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Investment Solutions, RBC Global Asset Management Inc.
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Bernard St Lewis
Bernard St Lewis, BCom ’90  
Senior Portfolio Manager, Scotia Wealth Management, Private Investment Counsel;1832 Asset Management L.P.
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Tom Valks
Tom Valks  
Chief Investment Officer, Pension Fund and Investment Management, University of Ottawa
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Investment Committee 

The Investment Committee provides oversight, support, comments, and advice on pitch construction and other recommendations on portfolio management and on trading and investment decisions. The Committee is not responsible for the financial performance of the Telfer Capital Fund (TCF). 

John Harvey
John Harvey
Manager, Investments, Nunavut Trust 
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Sacha Imbert
Sacha Imbert, BCom ’04
Senior Portfolio Manager, RBC Dominion Securities
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Tina Liusun
Tina Liusun, BCom ’16 
Senior Associate, Special Risks, EDC
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Tyson Rigg
Tyson Rigg, BCom ’16 
Senior Investment Counsellor & Portfolio Manager, BMO Private Wealth
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Daniel Shannon
Daniel Shannon, BCom ’16
Sustainable Investing/ESG Analyst, BMO
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Ex-Officio Members

Danielle Michaud
Danielle Michaud
Manager, Financial Research and Learning Lab
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Volunteer Administrators

Doug Spencer
Doug Spencer
Manager, Telfer Career Centre
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Opportunities to Get Involved

The program provides numerous ways for you to get involved and support the development of Telfer students. To learn more about any of the activities below, contact the Microprogram Capital Markets Program Manager.

Each academic year, members of the senior cohort of the program are paired with industry mentors. This is to guide students in their last year of study and help them prepare to start their careers in finance. The mentor’s goal isn’t to help find employment for the mentee, but rather to support the mentee by sharing one’s experience and providing advice throughout the academic year.

All mentors are supported by the Microprogram Capital Markets Program Manager and receive resources to guide them.

We would like to recognize the following mentors for the 2023–2024 academic year:  

  • Alex Dettman
  • Will Hutchins
  • Tina Liusun
  • Lucio Milanovich
  • Sheralyn Mills
  • Catherine Philogène
  • Tyson Rigg
  • Sarah Riopelle

We invite industry professionals to help develop Telfer students by presenting thematic workshops and sharing their expertise with participants during the academic year.

Office tours are a fantastic way for program participants to learn about your organization and its employment opportunities. The program currently travels to Toronto each October and is always looking for new companies to visit. For organizations in the Ottawa area, there’s more flexibility regarding visit timing.

The Telfer Capital Fund provides students with unparalleled experiential learning by allowing them to manage a real investment portfolio. This fund is supported by charitable donations from individuals and organizations. Please consider donating to the Telfer Capital Fund, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., manager, executive development, for more information on how you and your organization can support the next generation of business leaders at Telfer.

Hiring a program participant is an excellent way to show that your organization is dedicated to developing the next generation of finance leaders. Students are available for short-term placements via the following programs:

The Telfer Career Centre also supports your full-time new graduate and recent alumni recruitment efforts.

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