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Lajili, Kaouthar

Lajili, Kaouthar

Full Professor
Maîtrise (University of Tunis), M.Sc. (University of Illinois), Ph.D. (University of Illinois), CGA (CGA Canada/CGA Ontario), CPA, CGA (CPA Ontario, CPA Canada)
DMS 7162
613-562-5800 x 4736
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Dr. Kaouthar Lajili is a Full Professor in Finance and Accounting. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (USA) and a CPA, CGA professional designation. Her research interests are interdisciplinary and include risk management, behaviour and governance, financial and business reporting, and valuation of human capital; corporate governance and enterprise risk management with a focus on information value and disclosure. She has been published in the Journal of Management and Governance, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Journal of International Accounting Research, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Managerial and Decision Economics, Journal of Human Resource Costing and Accounting, and the Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, among others. She teaches at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels.

Research Areas
  • Enterprise Risk Management (financial risk, business/operational risk, strategic risk) corporate finance and corporate governance, and corporate law
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Human capital value and financial reporting
  • International financial investments (Strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, contracting)

Publications during the last 7 years

Chapters in Books

  • Lajili, K. A Relational Stakeholder Approach to Human Capital Resources Governance. In Lindgreen, A., Maon, F., Palacios Florencio, B., Vanhamme, J., Vallaster, C. and Strong, C.. Engaging With Stakeholders: A Relational Perspective on Responsible Business. London, UK: Routledge, 2018.
  • Canonico, P., De Nito, E., Inauen, M., Lajili, K., Macak, T., F. Santos, N.M.B., Schenker-Wicki, A. and Willmott, H. Performance Management: Contemporary Control . In Gianluigi, M., Submair, A., Mercurio, R. and Iacono, M.P.. Contemporary Management: A Global Perspective. UK: Palgrave MacMillan, 2017.

Papers in Refereed Journals

  • Dobler, M., Lajili, K. and Zéghal, D. 2016. Risk Disclosures and Cultural Values: A Research Note. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 7(18): 53-61.
  • Dobler, M., Lajili, K. and Zéghal, D. 2015. Corporate environmental sustainability disclosures and environmental risk: Alternative tests of socio-political theories. Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change, 11(3): 301-322.
  • Lajili, K. 2015. Embedding Human Capital in Governance Design: A Conceptual Framework. Journal of Management and Governance, 19(4): 741-762.
  • Lajili, K. and Ben Amor, S. 2014. Exploring the Risk Tolerance in the Gold Industry: An Empirical Study. International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management, 1(1): 12-23.
  • Dobler, M., Lajili, K. and Zéghal, D. 2014. Environmental Performance, Environmental Risk and Risk Management. Business Strategy and the Environment, 23(1): 1-17.

Funded Research during the last 7 years

Funded Research during the last 7 years
From-To Source Title * ** Role Amount
2014-2015 Dresdner Forum für Revision und Steuerlehre Are Operational and Business Risk Disclosures Value-Relevant? An International Comparative Analysis R F PI $ 2,748
2013-2015 Strategic Research Clusters Seed Funding Program, School of Management Corporate Operational and Business Risk Management Disclosures R I PI $ 20,000
2013-2015 IRAP International Research Office Are Operational and Business Risk Disclosures Value-Relevant? An International Comparative Analysis R O PI $ 14,000
2013-2015 IRAP/TSOM matching funds Are Operational and Business Risk Disclosures Value-Relevant? An International Comparative Analysis R I PI $ 5,500
2011-2013 Telfer School of Management Research Fund (SMRF) Linking Human Capital Investments, Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management R I PI $ 6,000
2010-2013 Telfer School of Management Research Fund (SMRF Leverage) International Comparison of Human Capital Role in Corporate Governance R I PI $ 2,000
2010-2013 CGA Ontario Exploring Modern HR Accounting and Financial Reporting for the North-American Financial Services Industry R O PI $ 10,000

*Purpose = C: Contract (R and D), E: Equipment Grant, R: Research Grant, S: Support Award, P: Pedagogical Grant, O: Other, U: Unknown

**Type= C: Granting Councils, G: Government, F: Foundations, I: UO Internal Funding, O: Other, U: Unknown

Role: PI = Principal Investigator, Co-I = Co-Investigator, Co-PI = Co-Principal Investigator

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