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Personal Growth: Three Tips to Boost Your Career

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Anes Benkrid

by Anes Benkrid

2nd Year Student in the Bachelor of Commerce / Juris Doctor

We often neglect our personal growth for the benefit of our career development. However, what many of us don’t realize is that personal growth is actually a key ingredient in reaching important professional milestones. Here are three personal growth tips that will also boost your career development.

Tip no 1: find your interests

It’s not always easy to identify one’s centres of interest, whether it is due to a lack of self-knowledge, a reluctance to change or the mind-boggling number of possibilities, which is in fact a blessing. Fortunately, the Telfer Career Centre offers an array of activities that allow students to pinpoint their interests and preferences. Moreover, these activities count towards the Career Development Certificate.

Tip no 2: focus on continuous learning

A Bachelor’s Degree. An MBA. A Ph.D. Society tends to judge us based on our level of education. However, to evolve as a professional and develop a better “sense of self”, it is imperative to learn beyond the classroom. Striving for excellence, challenging oneself and learning new things ─ even if they have no obvious professional utility  ─ is essential. Also, to broaden your horizons and enrich your intellectual capital, why not take elective courses from other faculties? It will sharpen your judgment and help you make better decisions in your projects as well as in your career path.

Tip no 3: give back to your community

What better way to grow personally and professionally than to volunteer? In addition, community involvement is very well perceived by employers, as it allows candidates to know themselves better, gain skills and expand their network. The University of Ottawa also provides students with numerous ways to get involved in their community. As a Telfer Career Centre ambassador, I’m part of a team of volunteers who actively engage with Telfer students 3 to 4 hours a week. This experience has allowed me to know more about my preferences and career goals.

There are numerous ways to develop a strong professional sense of self, and the Telfer Career Centre offers you a wide variety of activities to help you in this field.

Check out the Calendar of Events on Career Launch, and don’t hesitate to sign up!