Craig Kuziemsky Craig Kuziemsky of the Telfer School of Management has been named the University of Ottawa’s Young Researcher of the Year in the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences. Professor Kuziemsky has developed innovative solutions for understanding how healthcare teams work and how to design information and communication tools to support them.

The Young Researcher of the Year Award is given annually to recognize exceptional contributions to research and student mentorship at the University of Ottawa.

“Craig Kuziemsky has made remarkable contributions to both his academic field and the Telfer School of Management and he will be an outstanding ambassador for the University of Ottawa as a Young Researcher of the Year,” said Dean François Julien. “Since joining the School in 2007, the quality of professor Kuziemsky’s scholarship and leadership has positioned the University of Ottawa at the forefront of health informatics research.”

While studies and commissions continue to advocate for increased collaborative care delivery, a considerable challenge is that healthcare systems are not designed to support collaboration. Professor Kuziemsky was among the first researchers to study engineering of collaborative healthcare processes as well as the development of metrics to evaluate collaboration. His innovative interdisciplinary studies using concepts such as complexity theory provide deeper insight into the nature of collaborative interactions in different healthcare settings.

Professor Kuziemsky has published more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and conference proceedings in his field. He has been principal investigator, co-investigator or collaborator on over $3.1 million of peer-reviewed grants and awards from funding agencies. He has forged collaborations with scholars at several Canadian universities and with top international research centres in the United States, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Poland and the United Kingdom.

He plays a leading role in involving local hospitals and healthcare organizations in the research and teaching done at the University of Ottawa. His interdisciplinary approach and emphasis on active practitioner involvement have led to unique ties with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computing Sciences and with the faculties of Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Medicine. This has opened new avenues for research and graduate supervision at the university.

Craig Kuziemsky is also director of the Master of Science in Health Systems Program at the Telfer School. Professor Kuziemsky acts as a supervisor, mentor and a role model for numerous graduate students who are benefiting from his ability to transfer the results of cutting edge research in the classroom.