Fodil Adjaoud, Full Professor and Logan Katz Fellow, and Imed Chkir, Associate Professor, both at the Telfer School of Management, as well as Narjess Boubakri (HEC Montreal) and Maher Kooli (Université du Québec à Montréal) co-authored the book Finance d’entreprise : Évaluation et gestion.

The textbook explains fundamentals underlying financial decisions of organizations and describes the principal functions of finance: investment, financing and financial policies; the relationship between return and risk; and financial planning. The authors address also more advanced decisions regarding mergers and acquisitions. This clear and easy-to-read work serves as an effective useful textbook for introductory corporate finance courses. Designed with a simple and direct teaching approach, it presents real cases studies based on Canadian firms, such as CAE, Bombardier, Alcan, Shell Canada Ltd., Couche-Tard, Canadian Tire, Cascades Inc., etc.

Adjaoud, F., Boubakri, N., Chkir, I. and M. Kooli. Finance d’entreprise : Évaluation et gestion. Chenelière Éducation, Montreal, 2008.