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In addition to those projects led by Telfer School of Management researchers, our professors are participating in research teams led by other universities which have received over $2.17 million in new grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).  This funding will be distributed among 3 projects covering such diverse topics as international entrepreneurship, healthcare systems and tools, and telehomecare:

Barbara Orser and Martine Spence are members of a team of six researchers who received over $1.95 million from SSHRC to develop a knowledge cluster on international entrepreneurship.  This research cluster will be funded for seven years and will be directed by Rod McNaughton of the University of Waterloo.  Other team members include Hamid Etemad (McGill University), Becky Reuber (University of Toronto) and Eileen Fischer (York University).

Mirou Jaana is part of a team of four researchers who received over $84,000 from CIHR to study new forms of telehomecare. Other team members include Claude Sicotte (principal investigator) and Marc Lemire, both of the University of Montreal, and Guy Paré, of HEC Montréal. She is also one of three members of another team, directed by Guy Paré, which was funded over $60,000 by SSHRC to understand how to manage risks in developing clinical information systems. Claude Sicotte is also a member of this team.

Doug Angus is part of a team of five researchers who received over $75,000 from SSHRC to develop a management knowledge transfer tool kit for healthcare research and practice which combines management measurement and indexing tools in a user-friendly way to build the knowledge transfer capacities of healthcare managers, professionals and researchers.  This public outreach research will be led by Karen Harlos of McGill University.  Other team members include Judith Ritchie and Laurel Taylor of McGill University and Anita Kothari of the University of Western Ontario.

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