Steven Murphy, Diane Isabelle, Sandra Schillo and Martine Spence
Professors Sandra Schillo and Diane Isabelle received $10,000 from the Telfer-Sprott Research Fund for their project, “Applying Quality Function Deployment to Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.” The research is expected to provide a deeper understanding of interdependencies within innovation systems.


About the Researchers

Sandra Schillo, the principal investigator, joined the Telfer School in 2012. She focuses her research on improved methodologies relating to the measurement of innovation, entrepreneurship and their impact. Professor Schillo holds a PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship and a Master’s in Engineering Management.

Diane Isabelle has been teaching at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University since 2008. She holds a PhD in management, an MBA and an engineering degree. Her career spans the private sector, the public sector (National Research Council Canada) and academia.

Telfer-Sprott Research Fund

This fund was created in 2011 to promote joint research activities between professors at the Telfer School of Management and the Sprott School of Business leading to external grants and publications in high quality, peer-reviewed journals.