Doug Angus Professor Doug Angus of the Telfer School was a member of the Strategic Planning Leadership Committee for the 2013-2016 cardiovascular health plan for Champlain region. The Champlain Cardiovascular Disease Network Strategy and Action Plan launched earlier this month is designed to mitigate the costs and the negative health outcomes of cardiovascular disease, the number one cost driver in Ontario’s healthcare budget. The plan is a roadmap for how partners in primary care, public health, acute care, and community settings will work together to address cardiovascular disease. Five strategic directions are identified to improve the cardiovascular health of Champlain residents and build a system of excellence in cardiovascular disease prevention that can serve as a model for the province of Ontario and Canada.

Doug Angus is a Full Professor in the Telfer School with expertise in health economics and health policy. He has research activities at the international, national, provincial and regional levels in areas related to health economics, health policy, program evaluation and health care management. Professor Angus recently served as a member of one of the expert working groups which helped produced a report on the issue of resident duty hours for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.