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Professor Craig Kuziemsky of the Telfer School of Management has been awarded a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for innovative research centred on the engineering of computer-based contextual models to support collaborative teamwork. An Associate Professor and the Director of the Master of Science in Health Systems Program at the Telfer School, Kuziemsky is the University of Ottawa’s 2013 Young Researcher of the Year in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. He is recognized as one of the first researchers to study the engineering of collaborative processes.

Project Description

Collaborative teamwork is common in a number of domains, including healthcare, manufacturing and disaster management. However, our ability to design information systems to support collaborative teamwork is limited by our inability to incorporate context into requirements engineering and systems design. The overall goal of the proposed research is therefore to develop methodologies for engineering computer-based contextual models for collaborative teamwork. The applied component of the study involves the practical use of these models to support collaborative practices in two domains: healthcare and disaster management. In addition, the study has a strong student mentoring and training aspect. The project envisages the involvement of a PhD student and a post-doctoral student; the research will also involve students at the master’s level, exposing them to a wide variety of problem solving and research methodologies, multi-agent systems engineering methodologies and system development skills. Professor Kuziemsky will receive a $95,000 grant from NSERC over five years.

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