Pavel Andreev Professor Pavel Andreev of the Telfer School was awarded a $110,000 grant from the Natural Sciences Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for a project titled, “Developing methodologies that facilitate the performance of healthcare practitioners care delivery in interdisciplinary healthcare teams.” A professor of performance management at the Telfer School since 2012, Dr. Andreev will provide a systematic framework for overcoming challenges of coordination and collaboration on Interdisciplinary Healthcare Teams (IHT). The grant will cover a five-year period.

The project will explore a comprehensive systematic approach for the structuring of IHT that can be implemented in a variety of other domains. Moreover, this research integrates system design and behavioral research methodologies. The practical impact will be in improving the ability to develop systems to support decision-making, coordination and collaboration of healthcare teams as well as in teams from other domains.

The research builds on the doctoral and postdoctoral research of Dr. Andreev on developing methodologies and exploring organizational issues of collaborative environments.

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