Wojtek Michalowski Wojtek Michalowski will use a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) to develop a computable clinical practice guideline (CPC) model for the management of comorbid diseases. Professor Michalowski, a leading expert in the field of health informatics and the director of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI)-funded Mobile Emergency Triage (MET) research group, will receive a $120,000 grant from NSERC over 5 years.

An increasing number of patients with chronic diseases have comorbid — or coexisting — conditions that need to be managed in a systemic manner. However, concurrent application of disease-specific guidelines in this population might have undesired health effects. Therefore, a key objective of the research is to provide physicians with a decision support tool that allows for the automatic execution of multiple CPC — and automatic mitigation efforts when there are adverse interactions. Promoting the use of evidence-based medicine at the point of care in this way promises to improve the quality of a care provided to this large population of patients.

Concurrent use of CPGs for comorbid patients poses a problem due to the possible adverse drug-drug or drug-disease interactions. To date, however, there is little research on the automatic mitigation of these interactions – a situation that puts increased pressure on the attending physician to mitigate such interactions in order to arrive at proper therapy.

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