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Kaouthar Lajili Professor Kaouthar Lajili leads a new research cluster focusing on how corporate operational and business risk management disclosures were impacted by the 2007-2008 global financial crisis.

Managers are increasingly called upon to manage risks within and outside their control; they are also expected to monitor their risk exposures in more systematic and rigourous ways. This comes as business transactions and the regulatory and institutional framework for accounting and reporting on risks have become increasingly complex and globalized.

Despite the relevance of risk research in business management, there is currently a lack of understanding and information about comparative risk disclosure behaviour internationally, i.e. between firms in different countries and in particular country settings. This research aims to fill that gap by providing an in-depth analysis of the attributes, determinants and market performance implications of corporate operational and business risk disclosure in Canada, the United States, Germany and China during the financial crisis.

The project receives $20,000 over two years from the Strategic Research Clusters Seed Funding Program at the Telfer School. Dr. Lajili will work with Professors Tiemei (Sarah) Li, Lamia Chourou, Daniel Zéghal and Michael Dobler (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany).

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