Ajax Persaud, Associate Professor at the Telfer School of Management, is co-author of the book Marketing, Canadian Edition, with Dhruv Grewal (Virginia Tech), Michael Levy (Babson College) and Shirley Lichti (Wilfrid Laurier University).

The prevalence and power of the internet have created a marketplace of better informed, and savvier, customers than ever before. Those teaching the marketers of tomorrow need to account for the enhanced ability of consumers to assess the marketplace and to discern good value for money. Marketing, Canadian Edition introduces the concept of value in the first chapter and carries it through the entire text. Throughout the text there are numerous examples that define how companies create value for customers through branding, packaging, pricing, retailing, service, and advertising.

Grewal, D., Levy, M., Persaud, A. and S. Lichti. Marketing, Canadian Edition. McGraw-Hill Ryerson Higher Education, Whitby, 2008.