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Dr. Craig Kuziemsky Receives NSERC Grant


Improving the performance of interdisciplinary teams

Dr. Craig Kuziemsky,Telfer School of Management, received a $115,000 grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada .(NSERC) through the Discovery Grants Competition for his project A Methodological Approach for Modeling Interdisciplinary Teams.

Interdisciplinary teams are required to make complex decisions that require the integration of different processes and information sources. Healthcare is an excellent domain to study the behaviour of interdisciplinary teams as the provision of modern health services involves members of multiple professional groups, with different knowledge levels and often residing in different physical locations.

The overall objective of this research program is to develop a novel methodological approach for integrating the diverse information flows and work processes of interdisciplinary teams. This research focuses on healthcare but it is applicable to other domains.

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