Telfer School of Management Professor Ivy Bourgeault is the CIHR Research Chair in Gender, Work and Health Human Resources. Her research produces knowledge about gender equality in the healthcare industry, helping key policymakers develop strategies and create more opportunities to advance women in management positions in the sector.

Addressing how gender influences the health care sector is particularly important in an industry in which, according to a Statistic Canada report, women represent approximately 80% of the workforce. Even though most healthcare workers are women, very few of them make it to top health management positions.

Understanding the need to increase women’s participation in decision-making and leadership positions in healthcare, health sciences, and indigenous health, Professor Bourgeault is collaborating with a number of partner organizations in her project Empowering Women Leaders in Health.

“The project’s ultimate goal is to build a strong and supportive community of established and emerging women leaders, helping them transform the health care system through their unique leadership skills, experiences, and contributions,” explains Professor Bourgeault.

One way of doing so is by giving women in the healthcare sector the opportunity to participate in community outreach initiatives. For example, the project will host three “learning labs” for women leaders over the next 18 months.  

As a unique initiative, the learning labs will invite established and emerging leaders to share their experiences and skills and to talk about effective ways of implementing positive changes in their organizations. The first learning lab will take place in Ottawa in June 2018.

If you would like to learn more about how Empowering Women Leaders in Health supports female leadership in healthcare, health sciences, and indigenous healthclick here.