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Doug Angus Professor Doug Angus and colleagues will study managerial behaviours that support research use in nursing and allied health professions with a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CHIR). He will join researchers from the University of Ottawa School of Nursing, among them professor Wendy Gifford, the principal investigator; the School of Rehabilitation Sciences; the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute.

The behaviours of managers and their lack of leadership are major limiting factors to research use by clinicians to ensure healthcare is high quality, effective, and evidence-based. Moreover, what leaders actually do to leverage research use to support healthcare is not well understood in the literature. Through a systematic review, the researchers will help to bridge the gap by synthesizing the evidence on leadership amongst front line and senior managers associated with the use of research evidence by nurses and other health professionals. A second objective of the study is to determine the effectiveness of interventions that promote these behaviours.

Doug Angus brings expertise related to the development of knowledge translation tool kits for healthcare managers and use of expert information systems by managers, researchers and clinicians. A Full Professor in the Telfer School of Management, Professor Angus has worked at the international, national, provincial and regional levels in areas related to health economics, health policy, program evaluation and health care management.

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