Professor David Doloreux will research the diffusion of digital technology across the economy as part of a multi-institutional research partnership, “Creating Digital Opportunity: Canada's ICT Industry In Global Perspective,” to be led by the University of Toronto. With support provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the University of Toronto, the Canadian International Council, and other partner universities, firms and organizations, the project commitment totals $5.1 million.

A Research Chair in Canadian Francophonie, professor Doloreux investigates innovation, knowledge transfer and regional development as it relates to the knowledge-based economy. Building on his work focusing on Knowledge-Intensive Business Services Firms, or KIBS, Professor Doloreux’s involvement in this new project will centre on the role and contribution of ICT (information and communication technologies) in KIBS’ knowledge production and diffusion in Ontario. The main objective will be to analyze different types of ICT related-activities as inputs in the management of KIBS’ knowledge production and diffusion, and innovation. 

The research partnership “Creating digital opportunity,” for which funding was announced in August, proposes to answer the question: how can Canada best respond to the challenges posed by a rapidly changing digital landscape, while benefiting from emerging opportunities to promote our economic prosperity?

The partnership includes over 20 investigators at 16 universities across Canada and thirteen committed partner firms, cities and organizations.