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Daina Mazutis

Daina Mazutis has just won the prestigious international EFMD Case Writing Competition in the “Sustainable Production Systems” category. Mazutis, the Endowed Professor of Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability at the Telfer School of Management, won a 2,000€ cash award for her case “Newlight Technologies: Plastics For A Carbon Negative Future.” Her case, coauthored with Daniel Day, centres on a California-based company, Newlight Technologies, which developed a way of employing greenhouse gas emissions as a resource to make plastic, using carbon-capture technology.

The EFMD Case Writing Competition is organized annually by the Brussels-based business-school accreditation body EFMD (The Management Development Network) with the aim to encourage and support the writing and creation of new and innovative case material. Candidates adopt a critical perspective on the different dimensions of the subject of investigation and are judged, among other criteria, on the ability to create a strong and interesting learning experience by including contentious issues and multiple perspectives.

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