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Daniel Zéghal, Ph.D., FCGA, professor of Accounting and Welch & Company Teaching Fellow at the Telfer School of Management, is the author of the book Accounting Thoughts and Practices: Some Unresolved Issues.

The issues in accounting thoughts and practices have all arisen because of change. But the change that has had perhaps the most dramatic and powerful impact on the accounting community is the increasing disenchantment of the public with businesses, non-profit organizations and governments at all levels. For a few decades now the public has been subjected to reports of bankruptcies, thefts, misappropriations and generally bad if not dishonest management. Much of the blame has been directed at accountants, auditors and financial managers who have been seen as either actively contributing to the problem or at best by showing a blind eye to ineffective or criminal behavior by others. Most of the issues discussed are attempts by the profession to satisfy the demands of stakeholders and others of the public for improved ethics and greater accountability in business and government. Trust must be restored in the credibility of published financial and other reports of business, non-profit organization and governments.

Zéghal, D. Accounting Thoughts and Practices: Some Unresolved Issues. Parmitech, Ottawa, 2008.

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