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Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement

Offering a variety of local and international volunteering opportunities, the Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement also offers Community Engagement Scholarships and runs contests and awards throughout the year.

Moreover, the Centre makes it possible for students who have completed a minimum amount of approved volunteer hours to receive a Co-Curricular Record (CCR). The Co-Curricular Record is an official university document that records approved and verified volunteer activities undertaken by students.

Visit their website:

For information about the Co-Curricular Record, visit:

Volunteer Ottawa

Our interactive website has thousands of volunteer opportunities from organizations who need volunteer energy to deliver their critical community services. Support persons with disabilities, new Canadians, corporations and professionals connected to voluntary organizations in and around the city. Work directly with organizations to support knowledge development and resource distribution on topics integral to the effective and efficient use of volunteer capacity.

Connexions Program

Connexions is a voluntary internship program that bridges the gap between academic and professional experience. Supported by the Telfer Career Centre, you find your own internship, ensuring the experience fits with your goals and objectives. You will work a minimum of one day per week for 12 weeks (one term) in an organization related to your field of study.

Ambassador Program

As an Ambassador, you will work closely with the staff at the Career Centre to engage the Telfer student body. This extracurricular activity will allow you to develop skills that will definitely be transferable to your future career.

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