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Why Skills Matter As Much, Or More, Than A Degree.

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From the day that we’re born, we’re raised to go to school, make friends, take part in activities and develop hobbies of our own. We progress through the stages of kindergarten to middle school, high school to post-secondary school, and for some of us, graduate school. Now, the real question is, why do we go through all of this schooling? The answer is simple. For most of us, it’s so that we can get a job. As humans, we have this idea that once we get our degree, we’ll get a job. But it takes some thought to realize that nothing is really set in stone; it’s not guaranteed that by simply getting a degree, we’ll get a job. In fact, there is a key idea that links us to the world of work, and that, is the skills that we develop throughout our life.  Read more ›


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“During first year, I found everything super easy, I was doing well in school and was able to easily make friends. So starting off it was a great experience. When second year came along I struggled with school, classes were getting hard and that’s when I started working two jobs and got into clubs. However, since I didn’t have time management skills yet, it led to me not being as happy as I could have been.   Read more ›

interview panel

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Interviews can be overwhelming and it is often difficult to prepare for them, but if there is one thing that is certain, it is that you will most likely be asked to answer the famous ‘Tell me about yourself’ question. It sounds like the simplest of questions, but it is also the most dreaded. It is usually the first question asked by employers to get to know you better and get a snapshot of your skills. Here are three parts your answer should include to make a good impression from the start of the interview.  Read more ›

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Tags: Networking, LinkedIn, Perspective

When a mentor first told me to “create your own opportunities”, I took it lightly, thinking that all opportunities open to me would be found through friends, colleagues, family or online. My mind could not wrap around the concept of those four words - I had always used and followed processes in order to give back to volunteer organizations, to meet new people, and to apply for internships. So far in 2018, I’ve had the chance to create a few exciting opportunities for myself, from getting a position at a high-tech software company, to developing and scaling Telfer’s very own Women in Management Network (WMN).  Read more ›

Chelsea Parker

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“Being the president of CASCO has enhanced my Telfer experience by allowing me opportunity to lead a team that works towards the goals of our club as business students, but that also works towards the greater good of the Ottawa community.  Read more ›

group of students networking

Tags: Networking, LinkedIn, Perspective

One activity that many people find nerve-wracking, I find fulfilling – it’s networking.  Read more ›

Let's Talk Involvement at Telfer

When I hear the word “Telfer” what comes to mind is getting involved in the School community. Well, guess what! That’s not the first thing I did in my first year.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer - Karl

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“Telfer was a real revelation for me when I attended the Open House event. I was pleasantly surprised by the close relationships between professors and students. For someone from a small CEGEP, this was very important to me. Then, what really reinforced my decision was the fact that the University is bilingual.  Read more ›

Choosing the Right Career Path

Tags: Career Path

I think we can all relate as students, whether we are first-year or graduating students, to the struggles that we face from time to time in choosing the right career pathway. So here I am today, sharing with you some tips to help you avoid as much of those bumpy roads.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer - Aryana

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Staff Profile

 "The most important lesson that I’ve learned in life is to listen to yourself and not be influenced by other people. You are the only one capable of changing and creating your destiny. If you ever come across a difficult situation, never give up.  Read more ›

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