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Véronique Bélinge
Véronique Bélinge
Professional Development Coordinator

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Times are strange, circumstances, unprecedented, and job prospects, uncertain. What you may not know, however, is that recruiters are still very much on the lookout for fit and value in potential candidates. Make no mistake: it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more opportunities opening up like tulips under the hot sun.

So here’s how recruiters think you should prepare in the meantime:*

1. Connect and reach out

This means, among other things: 1) sharing openly your specific professional aspirations and goals with your family, friends, peers, and professional contacts; and 2) setting up informational interviews with people in and out of your network (not only recruiters) to gather vital information on your industry, top 10 employers and top 10 position titles. To find out more about those strategies, check out the recording of our Let’s Talk Job Search in Times of Uncertainty live session.

2. Be flexible and patient

By showing flexibility and patience in your job search as well as in your networking endeavours, you will not only broaden your prospects and increase your chances to find employment: you will also consolidate your professional brand. Remember that recruiters have been disrupted as much as you have, and that they are looking forward to hiring again. Build your credibility by showing them genuine empathy, reiterate your interest in the role or organization, and make sure they know where to reach you when something opens up. To receive personalized advice on networking, book an appointment with one of our Relationship Managers through Career Launch.

3. Get ready

So. Maybe your summer internship/job fell through. Maybe you had to move back home. Maybe you feel stuck and don’t really know what to do. It is entirely normal, but there is a way out. Take action and get ready. Here is a list of things you can do this summer if you find yourself unemployed:

- Build a job search strategy with our Career Counsellor (book an appointment through Career Launch).

- Research your industry, your top 10 employers, and your top 10 position titles (book an appointment with one of our Relationship Managers through Career Launch).

- Figure out the experience, knowledge, and skills you will need to land such positions.

- Identify the gaps, and create a strategy to address them.

- Get your video interview techniques in order (Stay tuned: We will hold an Instagram Live session and a live workshop on Teams entirely dedicated to interviews.)

For more information on each of those steps, make sure to watch the recording of our Let’s Talk Job Search in Times of Uncertainty live session. You can also book an appointment with your Career Centre Team to get professional advice.

4. Don’t give up

It is a fact: when things get back to normal (and they will eventually), recruiters are more likely to reach out to individuals who have remained positive, upbeat, and VISIBLE during the pandemic. Keep looking, including on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, clean up your own social media profiles, and start building your credibility online. Think of your online presence as a predictor of how you behave as an employee, and ask yourself if you are sending the right message. To know more about how to build your professional brand and online presence, check out the recording of our latest Instagram Live session on job search.

*The content of this article was inspired by a post by Andrew Seaman, Editor for Job Seekers and #GetHired at LinkedIn News, untitled What recruiters want you to know about job searching during the pandemic. It is also based on the many insightful comments recruiting leaders have posted as a response.

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