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Humans of Telfer – Audrey

“What I like most about Telfer is its faculty. For the last three years, I have encountered professors who I think are the most talented and extremely dedicated to helping students acquire new knowledge. I love the way they stir up their students’ curiosity on the subject matters.  Read more ›

The Career Development Certificate

Tags: Career Development

The Career Centre provides many opportunities for students to learn and develop the necessary skills to be successful graduates. The Career Development Certificate (CDC) is designed for students to gain tangible skills that will set you apart from others candidates during your career planning process.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Christine

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“What I like the most about Telfer is that there are always people there to support you. Whether it be your professors, your classmates, or Telfer alumni, everyone is happy to help answer your questions. Telfer is really one big family and it offers so many different opportunities to help students achieve their goals and become business leaders.  Read more ›

Career: How to Create a Solid Action Plan

Tags: Career Planning, Career Development

Planning is an integral process that applies to various disciplines in life. Artists will envision their paintings before creating their final masterpiece. Athletes will plan their workout routine and diet to reach their fitness goal. If something is important to you, then sufficient time will be spent in planning the process before setting out to achieve it. So, when it comes to your career, no less effort should be devoted to planning how to reach your future aspirations.  Read more ›

Available Funds (10,000 dollars) for BCom and MBA Student Activities

Tags: bcom, students, mba

The mandate of the Finance Overseeing Committee (FOC) is to review the budget of the Career Centre, to discuss the financial management of the Career Centre and to inform undergraduate and graduate students of the Telfer School of Management accordingly.  Read more ›

How Using Mindfulness in your Job Search can be a Game Changer

As students and professionals, you may already have developed several job-search strategies: a solid resumé ready, multiple job alerts set up, and a vast LinkedIn network. But did you know that practising mindfulness can also help you optimize your job‑search results in many ways?  Read more ›

Five Virtual Networking Goals to Set for Yourself this Fall Term… and tips to achieve them

Tags: Networking, Networking Events, covid19, tips

After several months of confinement (and a very, VERY slow de-confinement), we are finally approaching our very first all-virtual back‑to‑school season. And just as virtual networking events and workshops have been a prominent feature of the Career Centre’s programming this summer, building relationships virtually is becoming a crucial strategy for just about any job-seeking student.  Read more ›

The Worst Mistakes You Could Make in Your Cover Letter

Tags: Cover Letter, job search

As anachronic as a formal letter may appear in this era of rapid and instant communications, the cover letter remains a key component of your self-marketing package. Although not all employers require one, you should try your hand at it before you actually need to draft and submit one officially. It may take a little more time than you expect. If you don’t want your application to be rejected based on the quality of your cover letter, keep in mind the purpose of your cover letter and the pitfalls you should avoid in it.  Read more ›

How to Nail Your Next Video Interview

If you are looking for a job and have not yet been interviewed for a job via Zoom, Teams, Skype, or any kind of video platform, you may be part of a minority. You probably already know the basics, but we wanted to refresh your memory so that you can prepare.  Read more ›

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