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Humans of Telfer – Sophia

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“Hello. My name is Sophia Chouinard, and I am a Co-op marketing student. I am now in my 4th year, and so far, I have had an amazing experience at Telfer. What I like most about Telfer is meeting new, like‑minded people. I have met all my close friends through my classes, and they have truly enhanced my university experience. My ideal job would be within the marketing field, either in event planning or content creation. Ideally, I would like to work in an organization that aligns with my values of corporate sustainability and sustainable living.  Read more ›

What is your resumé IQ? Discover if your resumé helps or impairs your job search

Tags: job search, resumé

We can all agree that our first impression on a recruiter can be decisive. We look for a job, find an interesting posting, and boom, we apply, often without knowing if our resumé will help or impair our results. But what if we were making mistakes without realizing it…  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Amour

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“Initially, what attracted me to this region was the accounting program at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. I ended up choosing the Telfer School of Management instead due to its national recognition. I have the feeling of having a unique identity at uOttawa, and the access to French is also a huge benefit, in my opinion. Ma greatest source of inspiration is Michael Jordan. I admire him for his perseverance and drive to succeed, in business as in basketball.  Read more ›

HR Management: Five Captivating Resources to Expand Your Horizons

Tags: Career Development, Motivation

Whether you’re just getting started in the field of HR or wanting to take charge in your new role, you may be asking yourself this question: how to navigate the world of HR? If you want answers or maybe some motivation to start your day, here are five resources that will enrich your knowledge.  Read more ›

Human of Telfer – Helen

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“The greatest thing Telfer helped me realize is that there are always ways to make connections and to create opportunities for yourself.  Read more ›

The Most In-Demand Soft Skills in 2020… According to LinkedIn

Tags: Transferable Skills

Are you familiar with soft and hard skills? While hard skills concern an employee’s ability to complete specific tasks, soft skills concern the way in which the employee goes about to complete them. Even though all soft skills are useful and can be applied in various positions, some are much more in-demand than others. Below are top three most in-demand soft skills according to LinkedIn and ways you can improve them.  Read more ›

Human of Telfer – Samuel

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“Hello. My name is Samuel Lainez, and I am a 2nd-year Finance student at the Telfer School of Management. I am also in French immersion.  Read more ›

6 Skills Too Many Candidates Forget to Include on Their Resume

Tags: job search, resumé, tips

When creating your resume, there are so many appropriate skills you could include. It’s only natural that a few things will be overlooked. Here are 6 crucial skills that too many candidates forget to include.  Read more ›

Human of Telfer – Matthew

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“Joining the uOttawa volleyball team as a Finance student at the Telfer School of Management was made possible through the different programs and services offered by the University, such as: the Peer Mentoring Program, the Student Academic Success Service (SASS), and, obviously, my 3rd‑ and 4th‑year volleyball teammates. From my very first year, they provided me with books and advice to facilitate my integration at Telfer. By going through the Co-op process, I received useful advice. If I had one piece of advice for students who are going through this process for the first time, it would be this: fewer jobs will be available due to the COVID-19 pandemic: be proactive.  Read more ›

Can my thoughts shape my future?

Do you ever discover a great song and start hearing it everywhere you go, in the most unlikely of times and places? Me too! While some people might suggest that this is all a happy coincidence, science proves that in the same way you were able to attract that song over and over again, you are also able to attract and boost your professional success.  Read more ›

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