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Upgrading Your Resumé

So, you’ve been applying to numerous jobs, all of which you truly believe you are qualified for. Then why haven’t you been getting any positive feedback from employers? Chances are your resumé needs an upgrade! Here are a few simple ways to make sure your resumé impresses employers.  Read more ›

3 Quick Tips to Succeed in Your Upcoming Virtual Interview

A potential co-op employer has finally reached out to you and asked to schedule an interview. But there’s just one catch: it’s virtual… and you never actually had a virtual interview.  Read more ›

The role of self-assessment in your career development

Imagine your career development as a construction project. Before you start building, you need to know the result you seek. Is it a skyscraper? A house? An apartment? In order to reach your final decision, you have to assess your end goal, determine if you have the right tools, and list all the needed adjustments. The same idea applies to career development. Here are three steps that further explain how self-assessment contributes to your career development.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Katherine

Q: What do you like most about Telfer?  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Favour

“My time at Telfer has been great. What I like most is being able to meet like-minded people. I have made some close friends from classes and clubs who have really shaped my university experience for the better.  Read more ›

Why reflecting on your progress is important for success

Whether in your academic or professional life, reflecting on your progress can be key in making your aspirations come true. Reflecting can mean many things and is unique to each individual but setting new objectives can be extremely effective. Exploring various avenues of reflection will help you determine which method works best for you.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Alexis

Extracurriculars allowed me to meet my best friends, gain valuable work experience, but most importantly, changed my mindset about what I wanted to do after graduation.  Read more ›

Relationship building: the dos and don’ts of networking

Networking does not simply mean clicking on the “Connect” button on LinkedIn and trying to reach the highest number of connections possible: it means creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Many candidates credit their success to the strong network they have built over time. Here are the top do’s and don'ts of networking.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Ghita

“I’m from Morocco and I’m currently completing my Bachelor of Commerce (International Management) at the Telfer School of Management. One of the best memories from my years at Telfer is the exchange I took part in third year. Through this experience I got to live amazing moments and meet great people while discovering a new academic environment.”  Read more ›

LinkedIn: Five easy tips to make your summary more impactful

You finally did it! You completed your LinkedIn profile: Experience? Check. Education? Check. Licenses and certifications? Check. Volunteers experience? Check. Skills and endorsements? Check.  Read more ›

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