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Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“I like the environment at Telfer. Most students at Telfer are incredibly kind and supportive. Students who have just met would work together to tackle a difficult assignment question or help one another understand a hard concept. The environment at Telfer fosters collaboration and support, which creates an amazing space to learn in.  Read more ›

Man handing over CV

Tags: job, tips, recruitment

The year 2020 has transformed the world of employment by destroying some business models while making other more efficient than ever. Recruiters have embraced not only new practices, but also a renewed vision of their ideal candidates. If you’re wondering how to best position yourself in a game governed by new rules, discover the three following trends that are currently changing the world of recruitment.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Maria

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.  Read more ›

The DO’S (and DON’TS) of a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Tags: job search, LinkedIn, Career Path

With the quick development of worldwide communications, the importance of an elegant and effective LinkedIn profile can’t be denied. A huge number of experts are tapping daily into the platform to find competitors, openings, new customers, and business opportunities.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Thuy-Vi

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“I have always had an interest in business and coding. In today’s world, where technology is very dominant, I find that it is crucial to be well rounded in these areas.  Read more ›

Career Priorities, Progress, and Pleasure: The Recipe for a Successful Reading Week

Tags: Career Path, Career Development

Reading week is soon approaching, and you probably have one thing on your mind: getting away from school. A lot of us usually spend most of our reading week taking a huge pause. However, that is not mandatory! Reading week can absolutely be a productive time for your professional and personal life! So here are some tips to help you have a successful reading week.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Zineerah

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile, Co-Op

“...Studying at Telfer has pushed me to take advantage of unique opportunities that would otherwise not have been made available to me...”  Read more ›

Three Free Applications for Productivity and Organization

Tags: Productivity, Organisation, Career Planning

Everyone has been using technology for school in new and exciting ways this year, but the costs can add up. From extra monitors to ergonomic office chairs, learning from home seems to imply a lot of hidden costs. Fortunately, here are three FREE apps for productivity and organization that make online school a whole lot easier!  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Elias

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“Here’s a peek at my journey at Telfer:  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Noémie

Tags: Humans of Telfer, Student Profile

“I’ve always been inspired by several women in my life and others who have left their mark on History or became famous in the media. These include, among others, my mother and my aunts, independent ladies who work in male-dominated fields. I think also of Serena Williams, whom I admire for her exceptional athletic performances. I also think of Jane Austen, an English author who lived in the 18th century and wrote compelling, feminist texts.  Read more ›

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