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Some people radiate confidence, as if they are natural born leaders. However for most, confidence is a skill and mastering it is like mastering Excel, it just takes practice.  Read more ›

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''When I started first year, I struggled to decide whether Telfer was the right place for me. This year, by getting involved in the Telfer Finance Society, I feel like an integral part of the School. As marketing director, I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing team, expand my network, and gain real-world marketing knowledge. I urge students to get involved:  it helped me feel like I truly belong here and now I know that I am where I am supposed to be.''  Read more ›


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I vividly remember countless times when I would have to explain to people what my specialization was. Most of them would respond “What the heck is MISA?” and then I would rattle off what the acronym stands for (Management Information Systems and Analytics) like a machine gun. They would then become even more perplexed because they had never heard of such a thing. This scenario happens a plethora of times and as soon as you start explaining what it is you actually do, they become bored and intimidated, and suddenly that accounting homework they have procrastinated on becomes extremely enticing to start. Even though that was a specific and maybe a bit exaggerated example, this cloud of unfamiliarity in regards to information systems is starting to vanish. Just in one year alone, I have seen first hand that people within the Ottawa community, whether it’s students, company employees, or even professors, are becoming progressively more aware of the field and the vast potential it has within the sphere of business.  Read more ›

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“After attending Telfer’s open house and watching a panel of older students talk about their experiences, I was struck by how some students had managed to make so much out of just four years. I made my decision to come to Telfer the second I walked out of that room. However, something I didn’t expect to feel in my first month of university was isolation. Since I come from Ottawa, I didn’t feel the initial pressure to build connections with the people in my program, but since I didn’t force myself to make friends, I found myself feeling alone. It has been difficult, but I’ve made an effort to get out there and talk to people, and I think I’m on my way to finding a good balance. One step I took was applying to the Women in Management Network as a first year representative. I hope that by the end of these next four years I leave Telfer with a better understanding of myself and my abilities. I am aiming to take advantage of as many opportunities as I possibly can in order to make the most of my time here and would recommend anyone in their first year to do the same!”  Read more ›

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As motivation lessens and stress increases, it is common to neglect healthy sleep patterns. Hitting the sack at a reasonable time and getting up early in the morning gives you more energy and ample time to get everything done. In a technology-based society, so much time is spent on mobile devices without us even realizing it. Instead of checking social media when you first rise, get up, shower and eat something. This will give you a healthy start to the day and will make you more prone to study or to be productive.   You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish before 11 a.m.  Read more ›

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“I was scared to major in accounting initially because I had heard how demanding the course load was and how "boring" the subject was. My parents told me to do something more "exciting" like finance so that is what I majored in initially. I thought I was on the right track but recently I realized that I find my accounting courses much more interesting, and it's something I actually really enjoy doing and learning about. I'm grateful that the first two years of this degree was identical for all majors, it gave me enough time to get an idea of what I actually want to do in life and I was able to switch without taking a step back. Thanks Telfer!”  Read more ›

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The best piece of advice I have received regarding my career, came from my grade 12 English teacher who told my class, “have a plan, but be flexible”. What he was saying was that in our future careers, we should have a plan – know what we like, what we’re good at, and how we will achieve career goals – while still being open to change and different opportunities.  Read more ›

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“I would say my third year has overall been a success so far! After a rewarding year as a Career Centre Ambassador, I decided to return this year and continue to make the most out of my Telfer experience. After finishing my first co-op term over the past summer, I was ready to come back to a semester of school. I was excited to have a more balanced course load with greater variety- I began to dive into the Management specific courses and have some flexibility in choosing electives. During this semester, I found I had fewer midterm exams and more papers/group assignments to complete compared to first and second years. Although it was a change with all the essays piling up, I determined a strategy early to break up the amount of work to make it less overwhelming.”  Read more ›

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I worked as an Associate Developer Intern at Exponent Investment Management. I will say that I was extremely fortunate to have this amazing experience. I really loved working at this company and I learned a ton.  Read more ›

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“During my third year of university, the majority of my accounting peers had accepted co-op positions at various firms across the city. As I was not in the co-op stream, I started to feel as though I was at a disadvantage and wanted to do something to differentiate myself. I joined the Telfer Career Centre as a Student Ambassador. By volunteering at numerous Telfer events, I quickly realized how awkward networking can be – how do you approach someone or start a conversation? How do I carry on what feels like small talk while trying to stand out against other students? I signed up for non-accounting networking events and practiced without the pressure of trying to get a job.  Read more ›

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