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What Do You Want the Society to Think of You?

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Marie Madeleine Kabupu

by Marie Madeleine Kabupu

3rd Year Accounting Student

Most of the time, we as students – and professionals – have to deal with a lot of pressure. Having to go to work, making sure we get good grades, trying to spend some time with our friends and family. All of that can become overwhelming, especially while we are trying to figure out what we actually want to do in life. However, I believe it is actually good to not know where we will be in five years, or exactly what our professional journey will be like. In my case for example, I’m a third‑year accounting student, but four years ago, I saw myself enrolling in the nursing program, simply because I thought it fitted my personality better. And guess what, I picked accounting, and I love it.

For some of us studying business, being in third year means going through interviews and a lot of networking events. Well, by going over my interviews, I realize that the interviewers were not necessarily expecting to have someone’s personality matching the job. And guess what: your personality doesn’t have to match the job’s idealistic criteria. I got the opportunity to learn that by talking to people who had done a personality test like the ones they asked you to do while you’re in high school and even in elementary school.

When we look at jobs, we typically focus on things such as the job description, and we forget about few other things such as the social aspect of a job. This year, I had the chance take part in one of the Telfer Mentorship Programs. While talking to my mentor, I heard stories about his job as a CPA. He told me that he will always remember what his manager told him few years ago: « You are what I’m not, and what I don’t want to be, but the clients like you, and you’re bringing me money. » Quite shocking, right? But that one sentence made me realize that anyone can apply to any job, even if they do not have the « right » personality. They can still do amazing things.

Not knowing how to do something or what you will be doing in five to ten years can be stressful. Trust me: I’ve been there just like many of you. But we should all try to focus on this: what do we like, and how can we apply that in the future?

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