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The Telfer Executive MBA is part of the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All scheduled events take place in the core of downtown at the Sun Life Financial Centre at 99 Bank Street, Suite 200.

The Telfer Executive MBA offers classes in a bi-modal format, therefore you have the option of learning in real-time either in the classroom or online.

If your preference is for an in-person classroom learning experience, you can opt to attend courses in the classroom in Ottawa. International candidates will require a student permit to attend in-person.

If your preference is for an online learning experience or you are unable to attend in-person at anytime, you can opt to attend the courses through a virtual platform in real-time. Choosing this virtual option will require you to log in from wherever you are in the world and join your in-person peers and professor in real-time in Ottawa. Classes are held from 8:00 a.m. up to 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time according to a pre-set bi-weekly schedule.

Whether choosing virtual or the in-person learning option, you will meet your full cohort in-person during the two mandatory international trips, when you will travel and actively participate with your peers during these exciting and immersive components of the program.

All candidates graduate with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

A new Telfer Executive MBA cohort begins every September. Preparatory activities for each cohort begin in the month of August.

As an executive, it is important to understand how every aspect of management and business interrelates. Our Program is designed to provide you with a solid grounding in business. The Telfer Executive MBA curriculum covers the fundamentals of all fields of business to enhance your general management capabilities; therefore, candidates are not required to pick an area of concentration. If you are interested in one area of business in particular, it is possible to take initiative to find projects that allow you to explore your area of interest more thoroughly.

The Telfer Executive MBA

The Telfer School of Management is highly regarded within Canada and internationally.

The program was ranked #1 Global Executive MBA in 2017 and 2018 by CEO Magazine.

We are one of only three Canadian Business Schools accredited by AACSB (Advance Collegiate Schools of Business Association), AMBA (the Association of MBAs) and EQUIS (the European Quality Improvement System). Approximately only 40 business schools in the world have achieved the triple crown of accreditations.

The AACSB accreditation ( represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. The Telfer School of Management received AACSB accreditation in 2003. Fewer than 15% (450) of the world’s business schools have been able to achieve AACSB accreditation.

The Association for MBAs (AMBA) ( is a UK-based organization that promotes high-quality graduate education in business. AMBA accreditation confirms that a school's MBA is both of the highest quality and relevant to the changing world of business. The Telfer School of Management was accredited by AMBA in 2005.

In November 2009, the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) awarded the EQUIS accredidation to the Telfer School of Management. EQUIS ( is the leading international system of quality assessment, improvement and accreditation of higher education institutions in management and business administration. Its fundamental objective is to raise the standard of management education worldwide. The Telfer School of Management received EQUIS accreditation in 2009.

The Telfer Executive MBA program is structured to allow you to maintain your career momentum by enabling you to work full-time while completing your MBA. Classes take place on alternating Fridays and Saturdays; you will have class on Friday one week and class on Saturday the following week. This minimizes your time away from work to approximately two days per month. Additional activities will be scheduled on evenings or weekends.

There are also two trips in the program. The Innovation and Entrepreneur Consulting trip to Silicon Valley occurs in May of your first year and the Program culminates with the International Consulting Trip in late April of your final year. The trip dates are predetermined and communicated to you prior to your admission into the Program in order to provide you with adequate time to make arrangements to your schedule. These trips average between 7 to 10 days in length.

Candidates are expected to spend between 25 to 30 hours in preparation each week. This commitment involves completing your readings for the upcoming classes, preparation of cases studies, and upcoming group projects or deliverables. It also includes a scheduled weekly meeting with your team that takes place on the same evening each week.

There are three main differences between the two programs: the structure, the projects, and the people in your cohort.

The structure: The Telfer Executive MBA is designed specifically to allow you to continue working full time. The Program’s schedule makes it easier to remain close to the support of your family and your employer while enabling you to maintain your career momentum.

The projects: The work you will do in the Telfer Executive MBA is hands-on, practical and applied learning. The Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects involve actual clients, producing real results that can be implemented by the clients. You will be able to transfer your classroom learning directly into the workplace from week to week.

The people: The average candidate in the Telfer Executive MBA program has 16 years work experience and averages 39 years of age; however, candidates cover a wide range of ages, industries, and backgrounds. With such a diverse group, each candidate is able to contribute their unique professional experiences to the classroom, allowing you to learn as much from your fellow candidates as from your professors. In addition, each candidate will have different motivations for doing the program – some will be changing career directions, others will be using it to advance in their current careers, and some may want to venture out on their own.

At the completion of the program requirements (MBA or Executive MBA format), candidates will be awarded an MBA degree from the University of Ottawa.

The Telfer MBA and Telfer Executive MBA program share professors for certain courses. However, the Telfer Executive MBA also recruits faculty members who have successful careers and are well respected in their industry. These professors teach exclusively at the Executive MBA program and bring their extensive experience and knowledge to the classroom.

The Telfer Executive MBA attracts individuals from a variety of fields and sectors. Each year, the classroom contains a mix of candidates from across the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. While you may be unique in your background, you will be in a classroom filled with equally unique fellowcandidates, each bringing something different to the class. Also, we do not expect everyone to have a background in every subject we teach. We take this into account when we form your work groups at the beginning of the year, making sure to balance out everyone’s areas of expertise so you can learn from each other while in the Program.

A requirement of the application process is a letter of support from your current employer stating that they understand the demands of the Program and that they are willing to support your application. They must understand that you will be missing two days of work a month and will be under academic demands in addition to your professional demands.

Most employers recognize the benefits of having an employee in the Telfer Executive MBA program and do not hesitate to provide their employees with the time off that they need. About one third of Telfer Executive MBA candidates are fully-funded and about one third receive partial funding. Employers recognize that the skills learned in the program will directly benefit them and their organization. As well, your individual consulting project can fill a need in your organization by focusing on a specific aspect of the company that your employer would like improved or changed.

By entering the Telfer Executive MBA Program, you will have access to a wealth of contacts through your classmates, your professors, and your consulting projects. If you are interested in reaching out to a specific industry or group, your projects are excellent opportunities to do this. Also, the university and the Telfer Executive MBA program are affiliated with many organizations which provide you with the opportunity to attend special events throughout your studies. You will also have access to over 1,000 Telfer Executive MBA alumni.

Application Process

Due to our rolling admissions process, we accept applications throughout the year. We encourage you to enroll early in order to guarantee your place in the Telfer Executive MBA Program.

The application process begins with an interview with the Program Director where you will discuss your motivations and objectives for obtaining an Executive MBA as well as your professional past and future. Following the interview, we require you to write a 2-hour case study to evaluate your written and analytical skills.

We also require a collection of documents: CV, official transcripts of previous studies, application form and fee, two letters of reference (including a letter of support from your employer), and a letter of intent.

The Telfer Executive MBA does not require a GMAT score from its applicants. The GMAT may be required if evidence of a candidate’s academic abilities is required. If the GMAT is necessary for your application, you will be notified after the interview with the Program Director.

We understand that many professionals have to travel within their jobs. For that reason, we record all class sessions online. Candidates can review the material that was missed through a URL. These recordings supplement the notes and assistance you will receive from your group members upon your return.

If you travel extensively for your job and are out of the country for long periods of time that would result in more than 30% of class absence, we recommend that you discuss it with the Program's Executive Director in the interview during the application process.

Academic Requirements

The University of Ottawa is bilingual; however, the Telfer Executive MBA program is taught exclusively in English. In accordance with university policy, each candidate has the right to submit any work in either French or English. Our professors are bilingual and there are a strong percentage of Francophone students in each year’s cohort.

Mathematical skills are an important concern for many Candidates. In order to prepare candidates for the quantitative courses in the Program, we have developed a Business Mathematics Preparation Workshop that takes place prior to beginning the Program. The course is designed to prepare candidates for the quantitative components of the Telfer Executive MBA program.

The preparation course is designed to achieve three objectives:

  • Assess your current level of math proficiency
  • Help you strengthen the various areas of math proficiency you will need to be successful in the program
  • Reassess your level of proficiency through an exit assessment following a series of class sessions and online modules

The course, offered through a series of modules, uses a combination of advanced web-based self-learning as well as classroom instruction.

The detailed application process ensures that each individual is a strong candidate who can manage the academic demands of the Program. If you have been accepted, it is because the selection committee believes you can successfully complete the Telfer Executive MBA.

The Program Manager monitors your progress through the Program. If there is a concern regarding your academic success or an issue is brought forward, it will be addressed by providing you with resources to help you improve your performance.

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