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EMBA Curriculum & Consulting Projects


Our Executive MBA curriculum is a comprehensive, integrative learning experience, carefully designed to foster the well-rounded skill set and strategic global perspective you’ll need as a successful leader and decision-maker in today’s complex business landscape. The curriculum is organized into four transversal themes. Courses within each theme will strengthen your core competencies across key business and management functions:

  • Leadership 
  • Strategic Thinking 
  • Managing Results 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making 

Six consulting projects

The Telfer Executive MBA program is the only accredited Executive MBA program to integrate six diverse consulting projects into our curriculum. Through these projects, you gain valuable practical experience applying your knowledge and demonstrating your skills in active business settings. Each project requires you to work as a consultant with a client organization, addressing an identified business challenge or opportunity.

Beginning your first term with your first consulting project ensures that you’re applying what you learn from the beginning. From here, you continue the momentum, conducting a consulting project approximately every three months, receiving feedback from clients, professors and peers while building a network of referenceable clients who can validate your ability to apply your learning.

All consulting projects are integrated directly into your coursework. This includes two mandatory international business trips – one to Silicon Valley at the end of Year 1, and the second to an international business market in a country outside North America strategically selected by your cohort. Both of these trips include conducting consulting work on behalf of a real-world client.

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Courses & timeline

Download our program brochure for full details on our consulting projects and what's covered in each course.

Year 1: Fall

  • Managerial Analytics 1  
  • Strategic Analysis  
  • Digital Organizations  
  • Leadership Development Consulting Skills 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy (Completed concurrently with Client Consulting Project #1)

Consulting Project #1: Digital Marketing Strategy

Your team works with a not-for-profit organization to develop a digital marketing plan. Your work helps promote the organization, broaden its network and improve engagement with potential donors, volunteers and partners, while understanding the resource limitations of the not-for-profit sector. 

This project simulates a case competition, the program identifies a single client and all teams in the cohort develop a plan for that client, with each team offering their own perspective and solution to the client based on their scope of needs.

4 people working around a white board

Year 1: Winter

  • Corporate Finance 
  • Economics 
  • Change Management 
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Completed concurrently with Consulting Project #2)

Consulting Project #2: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

(concludes with an international business trip)  

You and your team analyze the current situation for a client start-up or scale-up company in Silicon Valley, providing recommendations for growth to senior management. Your cohort travels to California at the end of April of your first year where you validate your findings and present recommendations to your client. Each team selects their client from a pool supplied by the program. 

Photo of businesswoman and businessman touring a large industrial facility.

End of Year 1: May-June

  • Business Development Consulting Project (This course is devoted to Consulting Project #3)

photo of man in tie talking across a table to two people who are not visible, two businesswomen sit on his side of the table looking on.

Consulting Project #3: Business Development Consulting Project

This project is an experiential learning capstone project following your first year of studies. This project offers an excellent opportunity for personalizing your Executive MBA learning experience to advance your career development goals. For example, you may wish to work with your own organization, outside of your current department, on a project to showcase your skills to a different management group or senior leadership. Alternatively, you may wish to pursue a project in another industry to gain experience and exposure for a potential career shift.

Engaging with your client, you will research and analyze key information that relates to the scope of your project. Finally, you will summarize your findings and recommendations in a business presentation and report. An advisor is assigned to coach and mentor you with this project.

Year 2: Fall

  • Managerial Analytics 2 
  • Financial Accounting and Analysis 
  • Market Insights 
  • Talent Management (Completed concurrently with Consulting Project #4) 
  • Global Business Strategy (Completed concurrently with Consulting Project #5)

image of a businessman with a laptop in front engaging his hands in discussion while talking to two men across the table with him.

Consulting Project #4: Global Business Strategy Project

Your consulting project involves collaborating with a local organization to analyze and address a current talent management issue they are facing. At the end of the engagement, you and your team will provide actionable recommendations to senior management. Projects covering a range of topics such as Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), performance management, employee engagement, recognition, compensation, succession planning, and Human Resource policy implementation. 

Consulting Project #5: Talent Management

Setting the stage for your international expansion project, your team works with a client organization that is seeking the opportunity for partnership, direct entry, or establishment of a satellite office in the market you selected in Year 1. Conduct a strategic analysis of your client’s company to determine its readiness and alignment for expansion into the intended international market. You will do the following as part of the project: 

  • Analyze your client’s corporate business strategy 
  • Complete an environmental analysis for the international market 
  • Assess your client’s strategic readiness for expansion into the international market 
  • Present interim conclusions and recommendations on the proposed international expansion strategy 

Year 2: Winter

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance 
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management 
  • Negotiations Strategies 
  • Managerial Accounting and Control 
  • Executive Leadership 
  • International Expansion Project (This course is devoted to Consulting Project #6) 

photo of a businessman and businesswoman meeting in a high-tech office.

Consulting Project #6: International Expansion Project

(concludes with an international business trip)  

The international expansion project applies a global perspective to all of your learning in the program. Drawing on the work from your global business strategy project, your team conducts business intelligence, develops and analyzes the key stakeholder map for reaching your client’s market objective, and drafts preliminary recommendations prior to spending one week abroad for in-market validation. At the end of April, when in the market, your team gathers further intelligence, explores the business ecosystem, conducts stakeholder interviews, establishes key contacts and experiences the local, social and business culture firsthand. Prior your return, your team provides a report of your findings to your client. 

End of Year 2: June Graduation


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