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Employer Support


It’s an investment in growth.

Designed to deliver results from day one

Apply the fresh knowledge, perspective, and skills you acquire in the classroom each week when you return to work. This is what makes the Telfer Executive MBA an immediate path to growth for you and your employer.

A focus on competency development and tracking

We have developed a comprehensive process and roadmap for tracking the development of your core competencies as you progress through the program, including critical reasoning, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as functional competencies such as strategy development, change management, negotiation, and governance.

In addition to evaluations for each course and consulting projects you complete, you also complete an emotional intelligence assessment at the beginning and midpoint of the program to assess the development of your soft skills. Both these tools can be easily shared with your employer, if you wish, to demonstrate your progress and growth during the program.

Make your employer your client with your Business Development Consulting Project

Under the guidance of the program’s experienced advisors, you have the option to complete your spring Business Development Consulting Project for your organization, which would return a value of nearly half of the program fees during the first year alone.

These projects tend to focus on innovation or change issues in the organization that are strategic and important, but they are often not addressed because of operational priorities. Recent projects include the application of artificial intelligence to the workforce and the exploration of the impact of self-parking.

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I can’t imagine what the cost would be to get a document like what they gave me from a consulting company. It’s something I could use to attract investment from bankers. Some of what they did was work I am not even capable of doing in-house.

– Darryl Nelson
President, Nelson Environmental Group (International Business Consulting Project Client)

Ensure the best outcome for you and your organization

Your employer’s support can make a significant difference to you getting the most out of your experience in the program. From accommodating requests for time off to meet the program commitments, agreeing to be the client organization for select consulting projects, to contributing financially towards some or all of your tuition fees, there are many ways in which your employer can play a pivotal role in ensuring your Telfer Executive MBA journey is a success not only for you, but for the organization as well.

Seek financial sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship for all or part of your tuition fees is an excellent option for your employer to consider if they are seeking to minimize external hiring, increase retention, build their leadership pipeline, and accelerate your career within their organization. We have developed a brochure specifically for employers, outlining the benefits of sponsorship, that you can share with them as part of your discussions.

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