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How Using Mindfulness in your Job Search can be a Game Changer

As students and professionals, you may already have developed several job-search strategies: a solid resumé ready, multiple job alerts set up, and a vast LinkedIn network. But did you know that practising mindfulness can also help you optimize your job‑search results in many ways?  Read more ›

Five Virtual Networking Goals to Set for Yourself this Fall Term… and tips to achieve them

Tags: Networking, Networking Events, covid19, tips

After several months of confinement (and a very, VERY slow de-confinement), we are finally approaching our very first all-virtual back‑to‑school season. And just as virtual networking events and workshops have been a prominent feature of the Career Centre’s programming this summer, building relationships virtually is becoming a crucial strategy for just about any job-seeking student.  Read more ›

How to Nail Your Next Video Interview

If you are looking for a job and have not yet been interviewed for a job via Zoom, Teams, Skype, or any kind of video platform, you may be part of a minority. You probably already know the basics, but we wanted to refresh your memory so that you can prepare.  Read more ›

Change, Creativity, and Resilience: How Your Telfer Student Services Centre Has Adapted to the COVID 19 Pandemic

Tags: Students, Change, covid19, Happier

We are now midway through the summer break. As many of you are about to start their next summer class or a new part-time job, our leaders here at the Student Services Centre are finally able to catch a breath after a grueling period of adaptation. At the Telfer Undergrad Office as in the business world, crucial decisions had to be made, and contingency plans had to be implemented. This week, two of our esteemed colleagues are sharing their insights on change, creativity, and resilience.  Read more ›

COVID-19 – Your Virtual Coffee Chat Checklist

Tags: covid19

If you have been living under a rock lately or simply too busy studying or working (in which case, good for you!), you may have missed our latest Instagram Live session and online workshop on virtual networking and coffee chats in times of uncertainty. Don’t panic: as usual, we’ve made sure that you could access the content at your own pace.  Read more ›

COVID-19: EDC’s Recent Hires from Telfer Share Their Virtual Onboarding Experience

Early Spring is my favourite time of the year for our student program. It’s when I finally get to see months of networking, attending events, and interviewing come to life in the form of new student hires all in one room eager to kick off summer onboarding.  Read more ›

COVID-19 – Looking for a Job? Here is What Recruiters Think You Should Be Doing Right Now

Tags: job search, Job Experience, covid19

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Times are strange, circumstances, unprecedented, and job prospects, uncertain. What you may not know, however, is that recruiters are still very much on the lookout for fit and value in potential candidates. Make no mistake: it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more opportunities opening up like tulips under the hot sun.  Read more ›

COVID-19 – Embracing Change: How the Telfer Student Services Centre is Evolving

Tags: covid19

Spring invariably brings hope and new beginnings, and in 2020, it has forced us to embrace change like never before. This week, we want to highlight the positive side of change by looking at some of the many inspiring ways in which our staff have adapted over the last few weeks to accommodate, encourage and engage with employees, students, and employers alike.  Read more ›

COVID-19: Four Reasons Why You Should Start Using LinkedIn Learning this Spring

Tags: LinkedIn, Career Development, covid19

Whether you are graduating next fall or in three years, chances are you already know that your education does not stop at the classroom door, and that to attract job offers, you will need more than a business degree. The good news is that uOttawa students have a free, unlimited access to over 9,000 online courses related to business, media and technology through LinkedIn Learning, a self-service training site.  Read more ›

COVID-19: Three Unsuspected Ways to Boost Your Career

Tags: covid19

As students and professionals, you are all profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Your classes are now given online, you may have been forced to interrupt your professional, volunteer and extracurricular activities, and many of you had to move out or even back home. Although you may feel powerless, you need to remember this:  Read more ›

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