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Véronique Bélinge
Véronique Bélinge
Professional Development Coordinator

Whether you are graduating next fall or in three years, chances are you already know that your education does not stop at the classroom door, and that to attract job offers, you will need more than a business degree. The good news is that uOttawa students have a free, unlimited access to over 9,000 online courses related to business, media and technology through LinkedIn Learning, a self-service training site.

Not sure if this is for you at this time in your journey? Here are four reasons that make LinkedIn Learning an invaluable resource for all professionals, especially in the current context.

1. Fill the gaps on your resumé

Have you ever found THE perfect job posting for you, only to realize that you are missing one or two qualifications or assets to apply with confidence? You are not alone. What you need to do is to: 1) identify the knowledge and skills that might prevent you from landing interviews (or even applying for jobs!); and 2) start filling in the gaps.

While you’re at it: Whether you’re learning how to use Quickbooks or Python, manage change effectively, develop a digital marketing strategy, or apply blockchain theory, don’t forget to update your resumé as you go.

2. Optimize your Web presence for job-hunting purposes

No matter how strong your LinkedIn profile, it will never yield optimal results if you remain a passive user. Whenever you complete a course or training on LinkedIn, you have the option to letting your contacts know about your progress and interesting courses they could take themselves. As your training “library” grows, you will generate traffic, attract views, and reinforce your professional brand.

While you’re at it: Remember to update your Skills section as you go.

3. Improve your Frencfor the workplace

LinkedIn Learning offers hundreds of business-focuses courses and training in French. By pursuing your professional development in the other official language, you will learn not only new concepts that apply to your industry, but also the specific vocabulary that you need to discuss them in a professional manner. Plus, if you are contemplating a career in the public sector, it is an excellent way to demonstrate your intention to perfect your French.

While you’re at it: Build on this new knowledge to create a French version of your LinkedIn profile.

4. Make the most of your current schedule

The beauty of LinkedIn Learning is that you can choose from a wide range of formats, from a 15-minute presentation to a 23-hour learning path, and every length in between. Why not set two specific goals for yourself: one for the next term and one for the whole year. By dedicating as little as a couple of hours a week for a full term, you will develop a solid foundation in the topic of your choice.

While you’re at it: Choose wisely for optimal employability. See the most sought-after hard and soft skills in 2020:

Access LinkedIn Learning now:

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