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Enhancing Mental Capital and Wellbeing at Work

The workplace as we know it is bound to evolve following the pandemic and the advent of work from home. As organizational stress has numerous and growing factors (i.e. augmented hours of work, lack of control and autonomy, lack of flexible working, technostress), the ability to develop new strategies to enhance wellbeing at work will be key for any organization looking to thrive in this evolving context.

In this first edition of the Distinguished Speakers Series in Thriving Organizations and Societies, our Distinguished Speaker, Professor Sir Cary L. Cooper, explores the direct costs to health and productivity of a dysfunctional work environment, as well as explore the bottom line benefits to a strategic approach to wellbeing.

Speaker: Sir Cary L. Cooper, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at the Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester Distinguished Speakers Series in Thriving Organizations and Societies

This annual lecture series provides an opportunity for students, faculty, practitioners, and members of the community to learn from world-renowned researchers as they share their ideas on important topics aimed at building meaningful organizations and societies that thrive.

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