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The Student Job Opportunities All Around You

Student working in front of a computer

Marianna Astachkina

by Marianna Astachkina

4th-year BCom student, accounting

As a university student, you can take advantage of many job opportunities around you. Students have a lot of plates to spin at once: obtaining an education, discovering their interests, making friends, and often, working part-time jobs. Working during school has the obvious benefit of providing students with income, but it also offers them the chance to learn valuable skills and build their CVs.

Are you interested in working during your studies? Why not consider the many amazing jobs available right on campus! They’re highly varied, so you’re bound to find something that suits your interests and may even complement your university program. These jobs are a good source of income and offer flexibility when it comes to students’ course and exam schedules.

They are also great for international students, who may have fewer options available for work off-campus.

My experienceGroup of Telfer students working around a table with laptops

I have held several on-campus positions during my studies. I have worked at the University of Ottawa’s Academic Writing Help Centre, helping students to improve their writing skills (a free service I really encourage all students to take advantage of). This job taught me a great deal about grammar and good writing structure, as well as how to find great resources and cite research correctly. I had the chance to tutor students from all kinds of backgrounds.

I have also worked as a teacher’s assistant, marker, and exam proctor for the Telfer School of Management. I learned a great deal from these positions. For example, as I helped lead discussion groups and explain material for an accounting course, I really improved my own understanding of the concepts and the course in general. I’m sure that these skills will help me in the future, as accounting is my chosen field. 

I have also been an international coach for the Telfer Peer Mentoring Program, helping first-year students transition from high school to university. I have loved being a part of this program! The team is great, and the students we work with come from all around the world. It was also really nice to be able to help students and share my own university experiences.    

Where to find these jobs

  • Telfer students celebrating Telfer's 50th anniversary with the Career CentreWork-Study Program: I found the Writing Advisor job through the Work-Study program, which has a portal in uoZone where all kinds of positions are listed, from library assistant to lab technician.
  • TA/Marker/Proctor Portal: These jobs are available in the online portal. The link is sent out by email to everyone shortly before the start of each semester (when applications open).
  • Telfer Career Centre Postings: The application for the Telfer Peer Mentoring Program is available on the Career Center website, along with many other applications.

When it comes to on-campus activities, people often think of volunteer activities or clubs and tend to overlook the many paid positions offered by the university. If you’d like to earn some money all while getting started in your career, I invite you to take advantage of the job opportunities all around you!  

Banner image from Julia M Cameron on Pexels