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Overcoming Family Business Challenges Through Organization Studies

Earlier this year, Family Enterprise Legacy Institute (FELI) contributor and Telfer professor Evelyn Micelotta published a book titled Family Firm: A Distinctive Form of Organization, with co-authors Carlotta Benedetti (Politecnico di Milano) and Paola Rovelli (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano), as part of Cambridge University Press’s Elements on Organization Theory series.

As Micelotta explains in this video (in English), there has been a lack of engagement between family business research and organization theory, leading to a shortage of research in this area.

Currently, many family businesses are at a critical juncture as the next generation takes over. It’s the right time to explore how organization studies can help them overcome challenges, in the hope that this will inspire organization theory and family business scholars to continue the conversation and explore new research avenues.

You can purchase Professor Micelotta’s book from Cambridge University Press.

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