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Fall 2018 Telfer Capstones

telfer capstone 2018

In order to complete their undergraduate studies, the Bachelor of Commerce students take their respective Capstone courses in their final year of study. A capstone is an academic experience where students conduct a research assignment on a subject that connects to community issues and present their conclusions in front of a panel of judges and stakeholders.


Intopia Simulation

All of our undergraduate students take Strategic Management (ADM4311), and depending on their specialization, will take additional capstone courses (i.e. marketing, finance, and accounting). The Strategic Management course integrates knowledge attained from prior courses combined with the latest strategy frameworks and analytical concepts. Students must examine and resolve the complex decisions top managers face in today's globally competitive world. The emphasis is placed on the fundamental tools of strategic formulation, competitive and market analysis, developing resource and organizational capabilities, and shaping strategic fit through the use of the weekend-long Intopia Business Simulation. 


Michel Cloutier Marketing Competition

Fourth-year Marketing students complete their studies with the Promotional Planning Practicum (PPP) course (ADM4325). The Michel Cloutier Marketing Competition was originally introduced by the late professor and Associate Dean, Michel Cloutier, in 1986. The competition was renamed in his honour in 1991. This year, the students worked on a fresh promotional strategy for Wesley Clover Parks, and the first place team won $1,500 dollars.

Finance Capstone

All Finance students must take Equity Valuation (ADM 4350) which consists of a case competition where students estimate the value of a real-life company, which this year was the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), and propose a course of action that the company should take to solve its problems; this year’s prize was $1,500 dollars for first place. The students also had to create posters to explain their financial valuation, with two teams who tied for best poster. 

finance lcbo
poster winner
poster winner 2

Accounting Capstone

Each semester, students in Case Studies in Accounting (ADM 4340 and ADM4740) course participate in a case competition in which they analyze a real company and report on accounting issues being faced by the company. This year’s organization for the English Accounting class was Biovail Corporation, and La Ferme à Mathurin for the French Accounting class. The winning teams from each section (English and French) each received a $2,000 cheque.

accouting french

accounting english

View the complete list of the students who won each respective competition on our Telfer Capstone page.