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Tips to Start Mastering Your Confidence


Man shaking women's hand

Elizabeth Kashelsky

by Elizabeth Kashelsky

3rd-Year Management Student

Some people radiate confidence, as if they are natural born leaders. However for most, confidence is a skill and mastering it is like mastering Excel, it just takes practice.

What if I told you, with the tips below, that you can fake it till you make it!


1. Stand Tall

Straighten your posture – I sound like a nagging parent. However, people who slouch are often viewed as unconfident or uncertain. So, counteract this impression by owning the room. Stand tall, roll back your shoulders and tilt your head up. Remember, the more space you take up the more confident you appear.

2. Eye Contact

Eye contact conveys confidence, but the more you look around, the more indecisive you appear. When in front of multiple people, make sure to alternate eye contact between them. It is also important to remember that eye contact creates a connection; so, maintain eye contact even when the other person is speaking.

3.  Keep Your Hands Visible

Don’t be afraid to use your hands; keep them visible and active during conversation. For instance, use deliberate gestures when you talk. However, be effective because the overuse of gestures can be distracting. If incorporating hand movements scares you, then try keeping your hands beside you.


Wipe off your nervous sweat and start mastering your confidence!