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The ABCDs of a solid LinkedIn page

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Naweza Mushobekwa

by Naweza Mushobekwa, 4th-Year Student in Finance (Complementary Option in Entrepreneurship)

LinkedIn. What is it, exactly?

LinkedIn is a social network (much like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), but one that is used for professional networking. According to Techno-Science, this online service is a social network that facilitates dialogue between professionals.

At some point, regardless of our program, we must look for a job that fits our profile or, better yet, is related to our program of study. Throughout our academic journey, we want to build a network that will open doors for us. To achieve this, we need to equip ourselves with the best tools available. That is exactly why we should invest in LinkedIn. Here are basically the ABCDs of a solid LinkedIn page!

A is for appearance: your profile photo

The overall look of your profile is dictated by your profile photo. No selfies, please! A graduation photo, maybe. But still. You need an excellent profile photo: a well-framed, crisp portrait in which you are smiling. Remember, you want to encourage people to check out the rest of your page.

B is for basis: your headline

Your headline is the component that LinkedIn users rely on to determine if your summary and the rest of your profile are worth reading. Make sure your headline draws attention to your potential. It can have several components: your job title, your student status, your main area of expertise, etc.

C as in copy-paste: your experience

A simple trick to quickly build your “Experience” section: “grab” the content of your resumé (as long as it is complete). A tip about volunteering: if you do volunteer, mention it in your experience, as employers appreciate it. If you don’t have any volunteer or extracurricular experience, try to get some: you’ll thank me later!

D is for details: your skills

On a LinkedIn page, every detail counts. And it starts with your skills. Add at least 10 that are relevant and that your network members can endorse.

Bonus: Don’t hesitate to “like” and comment on posts, or even share them if they align with your values. This will increase your visibility!

So here are the ABCDs of the LinkedIn profile! To bring your profile to the next level, be sure to schedule a one-on-one critique with our Professional Development Coordinator through Career Launch.