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New Year, New You - Get a Fresh Start In Your Career Journey

People at a cafe, writing on notebooks.

Shivangi Bharti

by Shivangi Bharti

3rd-Year Student in Marketing

Do the words “fresh start” come to mind as the new year approaches? Have you pulled together a list of resolutions? Are you thinking about ticking everything on it by the end of 2022? Here are 3 easy ways to think about what your career intentions are.

1. Look within and reflect

Are you always working or on the go? And then one day you wake up and realize your situation isn’t working for you anymore? First, think about your health, which is crucial. Then, check the quality of your sleep. If both are ok, that’s when you think about your career goals and what you want to achieve. What is your intention, short term and long term? What will help you gain knowledge to get there?

2. Think about your goal

Many different factors can influence your career intentions. Ask yourself what you would like to undertake soon. It can be as simple as:

  1. Developing a new skill
  2. Leading a team or a project
  3. Learning about another part of the organization

At the right time, you can then speak to how this year’s work supports your intent to take more responsibility for the work you are doing.

3. Assess your current performance

As an individual, always address where you are now with your career. You should be able to discuss this with your mentor and peers. And be ready to assess whether the objectives you have set need some adjustments.

At the beginning of your career, you can be lost. That’s perfectly okay. During those years, you learn to grow and develop. You learn how to prioritize, make decisions, influence others, be resourceful and act as a team player.

Follow your interests. Do whatever it takes to create a spark so you can remain fulfilled. Show your peers how to use the power of intention to drive their professional endeavors.

Set Your Career Intention for the Year Ahead